How To Get Married In Italy: Planning Your Destination Wedding

bride and groom after their wedding on green grass field in italy

Do you want to get married in Italy? It’s not too difficult. 11,000 international couples opted to marry in Italy, with 54% choosing a symbolic ceremony. However, it necessitates extensive planning and a fundamental knowledge of the law, just like any wedding. For face-to-face interactions, office visits, and administrative deadlines, time will be needed. Nevertheless, … Read more

Discover The Drinking Age in Italy (The Truth)

parents and younger age teenagers eating and drinking together in Italy

Are you considering taking the whole family on vacation to Italy but wondering what the legal drinking age in Italy is? When we travel with guests under 18, parents are usually surprised that their older teenagers can have a beer, or a glass of wine with dinner. We put this article together for you so … Read more

An Introduction To The 20 Regions Of Italy

red auto-rickshaw under arch walkway in of of the regions in Italy

If you want to get the most out of your trip to Italy, explore the regions of Italy. Discover their distinct cuisine and attractions, and learn what suits your taste. When you think about Italy, you probably think of pizza, pasta, and wine, but that’s not all this country has to offer. The majestic architecture, … Read more