About Us

Our Values

We are Rick and Andrea, two Canadians currently living in Italy.

We both have a passion for travel; we’ve visited more than 35 countries together. We’ve seen some of the most remote locations, from the Arctic to Antarctica, from spewing lava in Hawaii to snorkeling with sea lions. And we’ve visited amazing cities and some of the most incredible beaches. And we have so much more to see.

So whether you’re dreaming of sipping wine in Tuscany, exploring the ancient ruins of Rome, or simply relaxing on a sunny Mediterranean beach, our blog will help make your Italian holiday a reality.

Our Mission

Our goal for Ready Set Italy is to provide our readers with an insider’s view of some of Italy’s most beautiful and popular tourist destinations. We want to show our readers that Italy has more than just the typical tourist traps.

We also want to give our readers helpful tips and tricks to make the most of their trip to Italy. We believe that by providing our readers with this valuable information, they will be able to have a more enjoyable and stress-free experience while visiting this fantastic country.

Buon Viaggio!

Rick & Andrea