Preparing For A Trip

Best Restaurants on the Amalfi Coast (Positano, Sorrento, Capri, and more)

Rick eating in Amalfi

As you may know, Italians don’t just eat to live—they live to eat. And nowhere is this zest for beautiful views and pleasures more evident than along the sun-kissed Amalfi Coast. Think fresh-caught lobsters, squids, fish, and other seafood drizzled with local olive oil to make the best seafood pasta you’ve ever tasted, lemons from the world-renowned … Read more

Start Your Food Tour With The Best Street Food in Rome

roman pizza al taglio

Planning a trip to Rome, the Eternal City? Italy’s capital has plenty to offer for tourists if you know where to look for them. Of course, there’s the magnificent architecture, the grand old churches, the well-preserved ruins from the days of ancient Rome, the sculptures, the art — and, of course, the food. Many people … Read more

When is Summer in Italy, and What Are The Best Things To Do

Summer day in Polignano Mare Puglia Italy

If you’re yearning for a taste of la bella vita, Italy in the summer is the answer to all your wanderlust dreams.  Now, I’m not saying you need to drop everything, pack your bags, and hop on the next flight to go to Italy (though that does sound like a good idea). But if you’re … Read more

What to Wear in Italy (Tips for Comfort and Fashion)

One of the things you need to consider when traveling to Italy is the clothes you’ll wear. I thought of writing this article because Rick is at his happiest when he’s in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops, and I’m happier in heavy pants, a shirt and sweater; so, it’s important to know what to … Read more

How Much Are Tour Guides in Venice?

Venice The view from the balcony of San Marco Basilica

Venice is a magnificent city with unfathomable beauty. It is a location where alluring bridges and winding waterways connect gothic and marble palazzi. The lagoon’s blue waters, which shine in the sunlight, encircle everything. Venice’s inventive and vivacious personality has enchanted visitors for years. But, how does one prepare for a trip to Venice? By … Read more

Italy Packing Guide: 12 Tips for the Ultimate Travel Experience

Rick and Andrea in Salerno by the lungomare

Are you planning a trip to Italy and don’t know what to pack? Well, you might consider this article before starting your journey. We will tell you packing tips and all you need to bring with you to visit Italy! Traveling to Italy will surely be exciting and fun as you will visit places with … Read more

Etiquette Guide To Italy Restaurants Do And Don’ts

Eating some of Italy’s delectable cuisines is one of the reasons you go to a restaurant in Italy. When Rick started visiting Italy in 2004, he wasn’t really a foodie. He was happy with spaghetti and meat balls, Hawaiian pizza, and yes, bacon and eggs for breakfast. Not only that, he wanted to eat lunch … Read more