Top 10 Hotels in Brescia, Italy

Explore Brescia, Italy's historic treasures, from Roman temples to medieval castles.
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Last Updated March 21, 2024

In this article, you'll learn how:

  • Brescia, Italy, is a historic city with a rich heritage dating back to ancient times, offering a blend of culture, architecture, and natural beauty.
  • Hotels in Brescia range from luxury options like Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel to budget-friendly choices like B&B Hotel Brescia.
  • Brescia boasts several must-see attractions, including the Santa Giulia Museum, Tempio Capitolino, Piazza del Foro and Roman Theater, Castle of Brescia, and the Mille Miglia's Museum, making it an ideal destination for travelers.

Brescia is a city in the Italian province of Lombardy and is home to over 494,000 residents. Along with Bergamo, Brescia attracts 4.8 million visitors every year. It is well-known for its Roman Capitoline Temple, Piazza Della Loggia (the town square), and Duomo (the cathedral). There are also many parks and gardens in Brescia and restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a meal or drink. The city has a rich history dating back to the Etruscan period.

The Roman historian Pliny the Elder wrote about Brescia for the first time in his book “Naturalis Historia” in 79 AD. Even before the Romans conquered it, Brescia played a significant part in the history of northern Italy. It was originally an Italic settlement and became part of the Lombard Kingdom in 568 AD. Charlemagne made it a part of his Carolingian Empire after conquering northern Italy in 774 AD.

Several different empires ruled the city through the centuries. At the start of the 12th century, Brescia became a free commune city. It finally gained independence from its rulers. The Venetian state eventually took control of it from 1426 until 1859, when it joined the Kingdom of Italy.

Top 10 Hotels In Brescia, Italy You Can’t Afford To Miss

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When looking for a place to stay in Brescia, the city’s center is a good starting area. It is close to all the main attractions, such as the Duomo, Piazza Della Loggia, and Santa Maria Maggiore. There are numerous hotels and apartments to select from in this area.

If you want to save money, consider staying in one of Brescia’s suburbs. You’ll get around quickly via public transportation and not worry about being far from the action.

Here are some of our top picks for hotels in Brescia, Italy:

Hotel NameLocationHighlights
Villa Fenaroli Palace HotelJust outside city centerIndoor pool, fitness center, spa, fine dining
B&B Hotel BresciaCity centerWi-Fi, buffet breakfast, close to landmarks
Hotel Novotel Brescia 2Business and leisure-friendlySpacious rooms, fitness center, restaurant
DoubleTree by Hilton BresciaCity centerModern amenities, spa, outdoor pool, dining
Hotel AmbasciatoriNear railway station and bus terminal4-star luxury, restaurant, garden, free Wi-Fi
Hotel MasterCity centerSpacious rooms, excellent dining options
Hotel VittoriaVarious room options, on-site restaurantGym, spa, bar, choice of accommodations
AC Hotel by Marriott BresciaModern luxury, two restaurants164 rooms, fitness center, close to A4 freeway
Hotel ContinentalLuxury in a restored palaceFitness center, sauna, Italian & international
Il Santellone ResortLuxury resort, heated pool, spaNear Lake Garda, elegant accommodations

Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel

The Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel is a 126-room luxury hotel located just outside the city center. Guests can enjoy gorgeous views of the city or courtyard from their rooms, which include amenities like an indoor pool, fitness center, and spa. The hotel has several dining options, including La Terrazza Restaurant, which serves fresh regional cuisine using local ingredients. And since we’re talking about restaurants, it’s important to know Italian restaurant etiquette.Visitors seeking a deluxe stay with modern amenities should consider the Villa Fenaroli Palace Hotel in Brescia. This hotel, located in a beautiful baroque palace, is 4 km from the Museo Mille Miglia’s automobile exhibits and 26 km from Lake Garda.

B&B Hotel Brescia

B&B Hotel Brescia is located in the city’s heart, making it a popular tourist destination. Many landmarks, such as the Duomo, Piazza Della Loggia, and Via Dei Musei, are only a few feet away. You can feel comfortable in the hotel’s amenities and enjoy quality service from their staff. The B&B Hotel Brescia features 37 rooms with Wi-Fi access and a buffet breakfast. 

All rooms feature air conditioning and kitchenettes. These accommodations have been thoughtfully designed for maximum comfort and convenience. The hotel is located just off a busy road and in an area with multiple Italian restaurants, so it’s only a 12-minute walk from Brescia train station, 14 minutes from Piazza Della Loggia, and 3 km from the Castle of Brescia.

Hotel Novotel Brescia 2

Hotel Novotel Brescia 2 offers a beautiful stay for business or leisure travelers, thanks to its comfortable rooms and various amenities. 

This hotel has 120 spacious guest rooms, each well-appointed with amenities such as air conditioning, satellite TV, Wi-Fi access, and more.

The hotel provides many excellent facilities and services for its guests. There is a fitness center, a play area for kids, a restaurant and bar on-site, and more.

DoubleTree by Hilton Brescia

The DoubleTree by Hilton Brescia is a classy hotel in the city’s heart. Whether you’re here for a romantic getaway or to host a business retreat, the hotel offers stunning views, excellent amenities, and services. It features various rooms and suites, all elegantly decorated with modern amenities such as air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and free Wi-Fi.

Indulge in a drink at the bar or a meal at one of the hotel’s restaurants. Additionally, the hotel features a spa, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center. This hotel is an 8-minute walk from the Mario Rigamonti Stadium and 4 km from Brescia Castle. It takes 3 minutes to walk to Mompiano Metro Station. The Mario Rigamonti Stadium is 8 minutes away by foot from this hotel, while Brescia Castle is 4 km apart. It takes 3 minutes to walk to Mompiano Metro Station.

Hotel Ambasciatori

Hotel Ambasciatori Brescia is a 4-star hotel located near the railway station and bus terminal in Brescia. One of the city’s most luxurious hotels, it offers 120 rooms and suites, a restaurant, a bar, an outdoor garden and terrace, and free Wi-Fi. The hotel is within a 15-minute walking distance of the Brescia ancient center. The hotel’s restaurant is open to the public, as well as its lounge area. Guests can relax in the garden with a bar drink while enjoying Lake Garda’s views. A fitness center is available for guests to use during their stay.

Each room at the Hotel Ambasciatori Brescia includes a private bathroom with a shower and hairdryer. A computer desk and television are in each of the hotel’s sophisticated rooms, which are 5 minutes walk from a metro station and 2 km from the medieval Castle of Brescia.

Hotel Master

Make your next trip to Brescia even more enjoyable by staying at the Hotel Master. This luxury hotel offers spacious and well-appointed rooms, a convenient location close to all the best attractions, and excellent dining options. The attentive staff will go out of their way to ensure you have a memorable stay.

The Hotel Master offers a wide range of spacious, comfortable guest rooms, restaurants, and bars. It is located right in the heart of Brescia, just six minutes from the San Faustino Metro Station and 1.3 km from Castello di Brescia. This trendy hotel is close to all the city has to offer, including the Santa Giulia museum, housed in a Benedictine monastery complex. 

Hotel Vittoria

The Hotel Vittoria is one of Brescia’s premier accommodations. You can choose from accommodations, including single and double rooms and suites. The on-site restaurant serves regional cuisine, and the bar is a great place to relax after a busy day. The hotel’s gym and spa are excellent ways to refresh and recharge during your stay.

The Hotel Vittoria is a 5-star hotel categorized by the Italian government as a “family” hotel. This hotel is located 2 minutes from Piazza Della Loggia, 7 minutes from the Palazzo Martinengo Cesaresco Novarino museum, and 4 kilometers from the Castle of Brescia.

AC Hotel by Marriott Brescia

The city’s newest luxury hotel is the AC Hotel by Marriott Brescia. The hotel has 164 rooms, a fitness center, and a spa so you can relax after a long day. It’s also home to L’Osteria and Il Bistrot—two restaurants where you can enjoy an Italian-inspired meal. The A4 freeway and a neighboring train station are also close to the hotel. It has a modern design with an elegant and functional interior. The rooms hint at the traditional ancient-era style and are designed in white and yellow tones. This stylish hotel is 1 km from Torre Della Pallata and 6 minutes from Freccia Rossa shopping center. Brescia train station is also within 13 minutes of the hotel (Roman tower).

Hotel Continental

The Hotel Continental Brescia is situated in Brescia, Italy, and offers luxury accommodations in a beautifully restored palace. Your stay will be enhanced by the hotel’s fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, and massage treatments. The hotel has two restaurants serving Italian and international cuisine and a bar where you can unwind with your favorite drink.

This modest hotel is 8 km from the historic Castle of Brescia, the Palazzo Martinengo Cesaresco Novarino’s underground museum, and the Museo di Santa Giulia’s regional history exhibits.

Il Santellone Resort

The Santellone Resort is a luxury hotel where you’ll enjoy first-class service and elegant accommodations. The resort offers a heated pool, a fitness center, a spa, and numerous restaurants. It is conveniently located near popular tourist destinations such as Lake Garda and the Veneto region. Situated in serene gardens in Brescia, Italy, this upscale resort has been restored to blend with its surroundings. It’s 5 km from the 15th-century Santa Maria dei Miracoli church and 6 km from the medieval Castello di Brescia.

5 Must-See Attractions In Brescia, Italy

If you’re staying in Milan on your next trip to Italy, consider visiting Brescia. You’ll find it charming and full of museums and churches to visit. 

Here are some of the things we enjoy seeing while in Brescia:

Santa Giulia Museum

The Civici Musei d’Arte e Storia Santa Giulia complex in Brescia, Italy, consists of three museums. The museums are located in a group of buildings that was once a monastery dating back to the late 8th century.

The Santa Giulia Museum, the first museum in Brescia, opened in 1957. The museum is dedicated to the history of the city.

Ancient art and archaeology are the focus of the Museum of Ancient Art, which opened its doors in 1974. The Modern Art Gallery’s third museum opened in 1998 and exhibited modern and contemporary works of art.

The Civic Museum of Fine Arts runs the three museums. The Santa Giulia Museum, formerly St. John’s Monastery, holds a collection of medieval artwork, including religious pieces, illuminated manuscripts, and metalwork. Many Roman sculptures, mosaics, and frescoes are at the Museum of Ancient Art, built in the ancient Brescian family palace. The Modern Art Gallery is located inside a structure that architect Nicola Trotta finished in 1975 for the city council.

Tempio Capitolino

Tempio Capitolino In Brescia Italy

The Tempio Capitolino is a remarkable Roman temple in the northern Italian city of Brescia. It was made in the first century BC and was intended for Minerva, Juno, and Jupiter.

The temple features a beautiful porch and is one of the more well-known structures in the nation. It is Italy’s oldest surviving example of this kind of temple. It was constructed in the Greek Doric order temple style and may be found in the Roman Forum on the Via Sacra. Marcus Agrippa, Augustus’s eldest son, and his daughter Vipsania Agrippina are likely responsible for constructing the temple. The architect may have been Ancus Marcius, a Roman enslaved person who received his training in Greece.

Piazza del Foro and Roman Theater

The Piazza del Foro and the Roman Theater in Brescia are two significant sites of historical interest in the city. The Piazza del Foro is a public square in the center of Brescia, named for the Forum—a central square in the city’s history. The Roman Theater is next to the Piazza del Foro and is one of the best-preserved ancient theaters in Italy. It was constructed in the 1st century BC and then redeveloped in the first half of the 2nd century AD. It is a large theater that can fit about 8,000 people.

Castle of Brescia

Castle of Brescia

The Castello di Brescia is a 12th-century castle in Brescia, a city in northern Italy. It was built by order of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa on the remains of a Roman fortress. The court now serves as a museum after undergoing several renovations. From its perch atop Monte Berico, the castle offers a panoramic view of the city.

Mille Miglia’s Museum

The Mille Miglia Museum is the place to be if you’re a car lover. It houses the original memorabilia from the legendary race between 1927 and 1957. You can see scale models of the raceways and even some of the original equipment used during those races. This museum appeals to both classic car collectors and race car enthusiasts.


If you’re traveling to Italy with your family and looking for a great place to stay, keep Brescia in mind. Its magnificent landmarks, charming dining options, and exceptional accommodation enhance this city’s comfort and beauty. With the help of this article, you will know where to stay on your next vacation!