Where To Stay In Capri Italy

Plan your Capri adventure with tips on when to visit and where to stay!
Written By: Andrea Spallanzani
Reviewed by: Rick Orford
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Last Updated March 22, 2024

In this article, you'll learn how:

  • Capri, Italy, is a picturesque island known for its limestone cliffs, clear seas, and iconic attractions like the Blue Grotto and Faraglioni rocks.
  • To fully experience Capri, it's recommended to stay for a few nights and choose your accommodation based on your travel goals, whether it's relaxation, hiking, luxury, or cultural exploration.
  • The island is divided into several areas, including Marina Grande, Marina Piccola, Capri Town, and Anacapri, each offering a unique atmosphere and attractions

Capri is a lovely 10.4 square kilometers (6.4 square miles) island off the coast of Naples, Italy with a small population of only over 14,000 people. Capri Island is known for its spectacular limestone cliffs, bougainvillea-lined cobbled lanes, and sparkling aquamarine seas. Before the pandemic, Capri received an estimated 2.3 million tourists annually. While there aren’t a lot of places to stay on this island, what you’ll find is breathtaking.

Allured by the mythical Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto), iconic Faraglioni rocks, ancient Roman ruins, and numerous jaw-dropping belvederes, Capri has become a popular summer destination for Italian and international visitors alike. It has a long-standing high society appeal from Roman emperors to Jackie Kennedy Onassis to Jennifer Lopez.

Many writings, photographs, artworks, and movie sets depict Capri’s beauty, but it has to be experienced firsthand to be believed. To breathe the “Capri air” and experience the genuine essence of island life, you must avoid the day-tripper routine and reserve a stay for at least a few nights.

Tips for Staying in Capri

Capri is a resort getaway spot with the best hotels available only from Easter to October. However, various B&Bs, AirBnBs, and apartment rentals are open all year. The cost of a stay on the island varies considerably depending on location, facilities, and season.

Because of this, where you stay and when you visit may significantly impact your island experience. Hotels are across the island in four regions: Marina Grande, Marina Piccola, Capri Town, and Anacapri.

Each season and area has its distinct attractiveness and atmosphere. I recommend choosing when and where to stay depending on your travel goals, such as hiking, relaxation, retail therapy, luxury experience, boat tours, seclusion, nightlife options, beach clubs with kids’ programs, local culture, and history.

How to Get to Capri

Although public ferry services are popular (reserve your place ahead of time), you may arrive in style by private boat transfer or helicopter for a much higher price. Year-round ferries depart from Naples and Sorrento. During the high season, ferries also connect Capri directly to the Amalfi Coast where you can explore restaurants, beautiful beaches, and more.

There are two ports in Naples first is Molo Beverello, where the high-speed ferries depart and take 50 minutes to reach Capri, and the second is Calata Porta di Massa, where the slow ferries leave take 1-1.25 hours to reach Capri. The trip from Sorrento is shorter (20 minutes fast ferry or 30 minutes slow ferry).

Occasionally, ferries may be delayed or canceled owing to bad weather. In this instance, your hotel concierge will keep you updated on developments, or you can directly reach out to the ferry company.

Exploring Capri town

Cars may not be permitted on Capri during the high season without a special permit, and certain areas are pedestrian only (Check the following website for more information: Cittadicapri.it). Therefore, I recommend arranging a luggage carriage from the port to your hotel. This makes for a relaxed arrival, especially if your destination is a pedestrian zone.

The main transport options on the island are buses, funiculars, and taxis. Buses depart from the Marina Grande port to Anacapri or Capri, while the funicular directly connects the port to Capri city. Each one-way ticket is €2.20. The funiculars run from the morning to 10:00 pm.

Taxis are readily convertible and more costly, but a distinctive and charming Caprese experience awaits you. The fare costs are printed on a laminated card behind the driver or passenger seat.

Best Neighbourhoods around Capri

Here are the five best areas to stay in Capri, with a closer look at each one. Remember that each neighborhood has activities and facilities, so you’ll want to make an informed decision! To save you time, we’ve broken it down for you.

Marina Grande

The largest port area is Capri’s Marina Grande, which derives its name from its being a major harbor. When visitors come to the island, this will be their first point of interaction with Capri. However, Marina Grande is much more than simply a ferry pier, but all boat tours also start from here.

The Marina Grande beach is the largest sandy beach on the island. You can walk to the beach from the main port area without paying anything. Relax in the sun with a dip from time to time, enjoying a lazy day there on the sand.

From Marina Grande, a shuttle boat may be taken to the Bagno di Tiberio Beach Club. This beach is only accessible by boat and has turquoise waters that are crystal clear. It’s especially popular with families since the water is relatively shallow here.

You may dine on delicious Capri cuisine while taking in the panorama of the entire Bay of Naples at the seaside snack bar.


The second major settlement on Capri is Anacapri. Although it may get quite busy during the summer, it remains quieter than Capri Town. It’s less trendy, hipper, and as a result, more affordable. As a result, it’s an excellent destination for budget travelers and backpackers who want to stay away from the madness of Capri Town.

Hiking is popular in Anacapri, with its spectacular view over the island and sea. You can climb Monte Solaro’s peak, the highest mountain on the island, from Anacapri. From there, you’ll see both the island and the ocean at a glance. You may also ride up to the top in a chairlift for a charge.

Capri Town

Capri City is the island’s principal settlement. It is the place to be if you want to observe people or have a good time late at night on Capri. As a result, it is the best location in Capri for club life.

During the day, you may visit the Via Camerelle, where you’ll find high-end Italian designer stores. You will truly understand why Capri is such a coveted retreat for the wealthy and famous. If you’re interested, the ideal location to watch others in Capri Town is Piazza San Francesco di, Paola.

The piazza Umberto I, the actual square name, is Capri’s social hub. Several restaurants and cafés along the piazza allow you to spend an afternoon in the sun while fully indulging in Italy’s sweet life.

To conclude the evening, visit the Taverna Anema e Core and dance to the latest international rhythms.

Marina Piccola

The beach at Marina Piccola, located near Capri Town, is regarded as the finest on the island of Capri. It’s a lovely spot protected from the wind, making it ideal for swimming if you come to the island during the summer. Its southern exposure also makes it one of Capri’s warmest locations all year.

The pebble beach is perfect for spending the day outdoors, swimming in crystal blue water. If you get hungry or thirsty while on the beach, there are snack bars and little restaurants to visit.

Like its larger counterpart, Marina Piccola is where Homer depicted Ulysses bewitched by the sirens in The Odyssey. A tiny flight of stairs can lead people to the precise spot on the cliffs where the sirens used to reside.


Nestled in lush nature and located east of Capri Town, towards Matermania, Pizzolungo is the name given to the area. It has pricey homes and villas tucked away in a lovely natural environment. There are also several luxury hotels where tourists may expect to spend a peaceful and leisurely holiday in the sun.

People come to the island to see its natural beauty, as is evident here. You’ll have to hike a bit; however, youngsters may do it quickly. So you can start your walk down the Via Tragara, which runs along luxury homes and has a beautiful view of the Marina Piccola and Faraglioni rock formations at the end.

A little farther on, the path leads to Grotta di Matermania, where cult practices were thought to be carried out to worship ancient gods. You may reach the Natural Arch, a natural sculpture dating from the Palaeolithic period, by climbing 200 more steps. It’s a fantastic photo-op in Capri with an 18-meter vault hanging over the ground.

Best Hotels to stay in Capri

If you’re searching for a luxurious and serene getaway, consider one of Capri’s many luxury hotels. These resorts offer stunning views of the sea and provide guests with all the amenities they could need, from infinity pools to world-class restaurants.

Grand Hotel Quisisana

The Quisisana is the Grand Dame of Capri, operating for more than 150 years. With the raising of foreign flags over the Quisi Bar patio below, this 5-star luxury hotel formally opens and closes the Capri summer season. A front-row seat at the Quisi Bar is a coveted tradition for many (both hotel guests and visitors alike), especially in the early evening to chat and be seen among the wealthy, famous, and well-dressed.

The Grand Hotel Quisisana is richly furnished and has a spacious pool area, beauty spa, event spaces, restaurant, and bar. Throughout history, it has been the site of numerous intellectuals, artists, politicians, musicians, and wealthy individuals. You’ll be just a short walk from the beach, restaurants, and boutiques on Capri’s main street in the island’s heart. You’ll also be near to access luxurious shopping and dining and the lovely Piazzetta.

Hotel Caesar Augustus

The magnificent 5-star Hotel Caesar Augustus, perched on the mountain as you reach Anacapri, is a stunning jewel with panoramic views of Vesuvius, the Bay of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and the port of Marina Grande. Leaving the hotel may not be easy since there are breathtaking sea-view rooms, an infinity pool, a wellness center, a garden-to-table restaurant, a cocktail terrace, an art gallery, and the ideal balcony to watch the sunset.

The statue of Emperor Caesar Augustus, strategically placed by the property’s previous owner, a Russian prince, is now an emblematic Capri symbol. The sculpture points toward the Roman ruins of Villa Jovis, erected under the direction of Tiberius, Emperor Caligula’s stepfather and ruler of the Roman Empire, for ten years on Capri between 27-37 AD.

The resort offers one of the most secluded romantic tree-top tables on the island for a meal and view that will be etched in your memory for a long time. Relax and enjoy the distinctive surroundings as you unwind in this isolated paradise.

Capri Palace

The 5-star Capri Palace Jumeriah Hotel is located on the opposite side of the island, in the picturesque regions at Anacapri. The beautiful grounds provide the backdrop for a relaxing and luxurious stay on the island near the chairlift to Monte Solaro, Villa San Michele, and Anacapri’s historic center.

Choose from 66 modern Mediterranean-styled spacious rooms with access to the outdoor pool and world-renowned beauty spa. The Artist’s Bar, named for its collection of contemporary art, sculptures, and books, is a great place to start the evening. Then, at L’Olivo restaurant, which has maintained its Michelin star status since 2011, enjoy elegant onsite cuisine.

The Capri Palace offers complimentary shuttles to chaperon visitors to the Michelin-starred beach club, Il Riccio, which the Capri Palace operates. The beach club and lounges are exclusively reserved for hotel guests. The incredible fresh seafood creations and tempting dessert room near the Grotta Azzurra are not missed!

Hotel Luna

The Hotel Luna is a five-star hotel in front of the beautiful Faraglioni rocks, with panoramic views of the coast and the town. Hotel Luna is between the serenity of the Augustus Gardens and the San Giacomo monastery, yet it is only a stone’s throw from all of the activity in the Piazzetta.

It features lovely landscaping, a vast pool area with poolside dining, and a huge garden. A rooftop bar is also reachable by elevator (to die for). The most sought-after rooms are the suites with sea views, where you may gaze upon the Faraglioni, the Luna Caprese, and the superyachts docked in the bay below.

Hotel Villa Brunella

The Hotel Villa Brunella, a 4-star family-owned hotel, is a hidden treasure. The Ruggerio family has pleased their devoted customers for generations, and the property drops towards the sea down Via Tragara, with spacious, well-equipped modern rooms on several terraced levels with sea views or garden views full of colorful bougainvillea and wisteria.

The hotel’s beautiful light blue and white striped sun lounges, white umbrellas, pool, and bar are the envy of many a photographer and passer-by. The property also includes an exclusive Terrazza Brunella restaurant on street level with panoramic views of the bay of Marina Piccola and Monte Solaro. The best place for a romantic dinner or special occasion, followed by a stroll along the luxury villa-lined Via Tragara back to the piazza for a gelato or digestivo, is open for lunch and dinner.

Hotel La Canasta

The stylishly designed, family-run 4-star hotel is close to the renowned Via Camerelle luxury shopping route and is decorated with classic Caprese majolica tiles and aesthetic elements that maintain true to Capri’s distinctive traditional charm. Furthermore, owner Pietro Emilio is always on hand for any assistance during your stay.

Breakfast at Hotel Canasta is abundant and jam-packed with local specialties. The rooftop pool with a sea view is a convenient alternative when you’re not ready to face the daytime island crowds. 

The elegant Villa Margherita restaurant, a more recent addition to the establishment, is another draw. The cuisine includes traditional favorites and contemporary twists that are visually appealing and delicious. Fresh ingredients are used in the dishes.

Outdoor dining under the pergola in Summer has a dreamy Mediterranean ambiance; however, indoor dining is fabulous in its own way. The restaurant at Villa Margherita is classically elegant and has delicious fine dining done to perfection. Many of my relatives and friends have stayed here in the past, and they always leave with wonderful recollections and nothing but great things to say!!

Hotel Mamela

The 4-star Hotel Mamela is tucked away down a small alley behind the famed Via Camerelle, having recently been renovated. The hotel’s history dates back to the 19th century, although the Maresca family has managed it since 1964.

The hotel offers spacious, light-filled suites that are wonderfully decorated with a mix of modern and traditional Caprese designs. You can also choose from suites with sea views or the picturesque surrounding bougainvillea-encircled gardens. The infinity pool, complete with sumptuous loungers, might persuade you to forgo the beach crowds and spend leisurely afternoons in the outdoor swimming pool with plates of Insalata Caprese and chilled Greco di. Tufo!

Hotel Gatto Bianco

The Esposito family-owned and operated iconic four-star Hotel Gatto Bianco has been a meeting place for island history since the 1950s golden age of Capri. Their illustrious guests include Brigitte Bardot and Jackie Onassis. Renato Esposito, one of the family owners, is an award-winning art, culture, and literature scholar. He also gives guided tours of important monuments to share his love for his home on Capri with other people.

Choose from 44 rooms, including basic classic doubles to suites with terraces. Each is adorned with distinctively patterned and detailed majolica tiles in the style of Caprese. Hotel Gatto Bianco also has a beauty center with various reasonably priced services, including haircuts, manicures, treatments, and massages.

Villas and Apartment Rentals

The island of Capri is a resort getaway with the best hotels available only from Easter to October. However, various apartment rentals are open all year.

Villa Mariuccia

You can’t go past Villa Mariuccia, located on Via Tragara, just steps from the magnificent Faraglioni’s viewing terrace and only meters away from the spectacular Capri.

Six apartments accommodate between 2 and 6 persons and are modern yet full of Caprese charm. Perfect for a more homely and private stay with more self-sufficiency.

Final Words

Capri is a lovely island and a real natural treasure in Italy. However, it can be pricey and crowded during the summer season. Finding a great place to stay in Capri can be a battle, but with some research, it can be easy to find a hidden gem. I hope this article helped in finding one!