Where To Stay In Positano, Italy (Plus The Best Places To Explore)

Positano has stunning sea views, boutique shops, and authentic Italian dining along its pebbled beaches.
Written By: Andrea Spallanzani
Reviewed by: Rick Orford
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Last Updated February 29, 2024

In this article, you'll learn how:

  1. Positano is a picturesque seaside town on Italy's breathtaking Amalfi Coast known for its beautiful beaches, bars, and postcard views.
  2. When visiting Positano, be prepared for steep prices as its beauty comes at a high cost, especially during peak tourist season when the population swells.
  3. The center of Positano offers easy access to neighboring towns via water taxis and ferries, making it a great central base to explore the Amalfi Coast.

Are you visiting Italy and wondering where to stay in Positano? Positano is a beautiful seaside town on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, known for its beaches, cocktail bars, beach clubs, and picture-perfect vistas. 

Positano is among the most beautiful towns in Italy, and its history and customs are fascinating. The city is a deep stack of structures with narrow roads you can’t drive a car down. Positano is well-known for its Moda Positano fabric, which became popular in bright fifties styles – and brightly painted fishing boats.

Positano has several advantages. It’s centrally located on the Amalfi Coast, where you can do many memorable things, and it offers easy access to water taxis and ferries that will take you to neighboring towns. 

However, with such beauty comes a high price tag – Positano may be shockingly costly. Finding out where to stay in Positano may take time and effort. To make your life easier, we’ve discovered the best hotels and places to stay in Positano based on your traveling needs and budget. So we’ve covered whether you want to relax on the beach, have drinks, or go hiking in the hills!

What To See And What Not To Miss

  • The breathtaking ocean views extend along the coast, and if you’re in the right location, you can look across the bay to Capri.
  • While in Positano, please avoid getting so caught up in its beauty that you don’t explore the rest of the Amalfi Coast, a coast visited by 5 million visitors annually. Take a trip to Naples, Pompeii, and Sorrento (at least!), and if you’re daring, go to Capri.
  • Scooter is one of the most significant ways to see the Amalfi Coast.
  • If you want some nighttime excitement, visit Music on the Rocks, a spectacular cave cut into the rock that hosts a fantastic club. It’s a fun place to dance all night and an excellent location to spot celebrities.
  • Pick up a pair of handcrafted bespoke sandals created while you wait. This practice began at the end of World War II and is now carried out by several businesses.

It gets highly packed here during the peak summer months. So, if you want to avail one of the best places to stay in Positano, get ready and plan.

Lower Positano – For Your First Visit

There are over 320 hotels and places to stay in Positano. Still, if you visit for the first time, you should remain in Lower Positano. The place is close to the beach and provides easy access to various shopping, dining, and sightseeing options.

The best place to stay if you want to explore more of the Amalfi Coast is Positano. Lower Positano is easily accessible to beautiful and legendary places like Capri, Ravello, and Ischia. You may go on excursions throughout this magnificent area from here.

What To See and Do In Lower Positano

Here’s how you can enjoy Lower Positano.

Places to SeeThings To Do
Snorkeling SpotsGo snorkeling to explore beautiful underwater sights along the coast.
Spiaggia Grande BeachSpread out on the wide sands of this picturesque public beach popular with tourists and locals alike.
Boat RentalsHire a boat to take in breathtaking views of the sea, mountains, and colorful villages dotting the coast.
Chiese di Santa Maria Assunta e Cripta MedievaleMarvel at the elaborate architecture and ornate details of this iconic 12th-century church, located at the center of Positano
Positano BoutiquesWander narrow lanes lined with chic shops selling everything from stylish fashions to handmade leather sandals.
La ZagaraSit at a sidewalk table to sip cappuccinos and people-watch at this cozy cafe in the heart of town.

Chiesa Nuova: On a Budget

The charming Positano neighborhood of Chiesa Nuova is lovely. The Stunning Chiesa Nuova – or New Church of Positano – located in the town center of the area provides the best views of the village, bay, and across the sea. There is also a wide range of stores, independent boutiques, and relaxing wine bars.

In Positano, we recommend Chiesa Nuova as a place to stay if you’re on a budget. It’s where you’ll discover one of the few hostels in town. There are also a few modern residences, rustic B&Bs, and boutique hotels.

Things Places To See And Things to Do in Chiesa Nuova

Here’s a glance at what you can see and do at Chiesa Nuova.

Places To SeeThings To Do 
La Cantina Delle Tre SorelleSit down for a dinner of pizza, pasta, and other Italian cuisine at this neighborhood restaurant.
Il Grottino AzzurroFeast on classic Italian dishes while taking in scenic views from the outdoor tables and windows of this restaurant.
Next2 Restaurant and Wine BarTry artful seafood plates and explore a wine list at this fine dining restaurant and wine bar.
Streets of Chiesa NuovaMeander along cobblestone streets, and explore cafes, shops, and old architecture in this Italian neighborhood.
Ristorante C’era Una VoltaTry fresh seafood and handmade pasta at this white-tablecloth restaurant on a side street.
Wander Around Chiesa NuovaAppreciate the impressive 16th-century church’s architecture, artwork, and details.
Costiera AmalfitanaZip along the cliffside roads of the Amalfi Coast on a scooter while enjoying sea views.
Positano’s BeachesWalk down to beaches in Positano for a day of sun, swimming, wine, and exploring narrow village streets.

Montepertuso – Coolest Place To Stay 

Motepertuso is a tiny hamlet with a population of over 700 and is located north of Positano. Motepertuso is a beautiful paradise with lush greenery and rolling hills that make for excellent trekking, walking, and getting lost in the natural world. Several routes and pathways wind through the countryside with stunning sea views.

You’ll want to check out the streets of Montepertuso if you enjoy eating. An incredible variety of cafes, cafés, and restaurants with local cuisine and handmade pasta is available throughout this lovely town. The flavors of Montepertuso will astound your taste buds. And if you want to learn more about Italy’s culinary culture, be sure to visit Bologna. 

Places To See and Things to Do in Montepertuso

Here’s how you can explore Montepertuso.

Places to SeeThings to Do
Ristorante Bar Il RitrovoFeast on excellent homemade pasta while enjoying views from this restaurant.
Fontana VecchiaQuench your thirst with the clean drinking water of this historic fountain.
Ristorante Donna RosaTry the delectable homemade pasta dishes at this restaurant.
Positano Pizza ExperienceSatisfy your pizza craving by picking up a freshly baked slice at this restaurant.
Monte San MicheleEnjoy the breathtaking scenery from the highest point above Montepertuso.
La TagliataTreat yourself to genuine Italian cuisine served at rustic farm tables overlooking the sea at this restaurant.
Chiesa di Santa Maria delle GrazieAppreciate the architecture and history of this iconic church, the heart of Positano.
Montepertuso’s holeVisit the fascinating Montepertuso Il Buco, a large hole naturally carved into the mountainside.
Lattari MountainsTrek and enjoy the scenic network of mountain trails surrounding Montepertuso.

Fornillo: For Families

The suburb of Fornillo Beach is west of Positano’s downtown. Just a 15-minute walk from the hectic and crowded port quay, Fornillo Beach is a relaxing alternative to the tourist trap.

Fornillo Beach is our pick for where to stay in Positano for families. This neighborhood is where you can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day at the beach without the swarms of people. You’ll feel like you have your private beach by staying in picturesque and overlooked Fornillo.

What To See and Do in Fornillo

Here’s how you can explore Fornillo.

Places to SeeThings To Do
Il FornilloEat fresh, delicious seafood dishes at this laidback restaurant with al fresco seating by the water.
Ristorante La MarinellaHave a quick, casual meal of seafood, pasta, and other local specialties at this trattoria.
Ristorante Saraceno D’OroTry some excellent shellfish and seafood dishes at this popular spot with charming nautical decor.
Kayak RentalsPaddle kayaks to explore the beautiful emerald coves and crystal waters along the coastline.
GelateriasEnjoy some scoops of tangy and sweet homemade lemon gelato.
LO GuarracinoUnwind with local wines served at rustic outdoor tables surrounded by vines and lemon trees.
Fornillo BeachSpend time on the sands of this picturesque local beach, swimming, sunbathing, or watching fishermen haul in the daily catch.

Best Hotels in Positano & Amalfi Coast

Here are some of the best hotels in Positano.

Le Sirenuse

Le Sirenuse is one of the most well-known hotels on the Amalfi Coast. It’s near the beach and houses a champagne and oyster bar and a Michelin-starred restaurant, one of the best restaurants on Amalfi Coast. The hotel is well-versed in elegance! The rooms are stylish, with beautiful private balconies and stunning sea views.

The pool is one of the most distinctive on the Amalfi Coast, with views of the region’s vibrant towns in rock cliffs. The restaurant and terrace are also decorated with lights, making it ideal for a romantic retreat or a honeymoon in Positano.

Hotel Le Agavi

Are you looking for a five-star hotel in Positano? Welcome to the Hotel Le Agavi! It’s one of the finest hotels in the region, with its private beach and rooms with breathtaking views over the sea from private balconies.

The Hotel Le Agavi’s in-house funicular, which travels across 11 levels of terraced rooms clinging to the cliff face, is a beautiful element. During your honeymoon in Positano, it’s incredibly romantic when you can enjoy the breathtaking views from the heated pool.

Villa Treville

At Villa Treville Hotel and Villa complex, you may stay in well-furnished apartments named after previous owners and notable visitors. You can enjoy total luxury. You can do many things to make your stay memorable, including luxurious gardens, plunge pools, a lovely cafe, and picturesque porches to unwind on.

The 5-star Villa Treville is a beautiful base from which to go out and explore the region, with excursions to the Amalfi Coast available from the hotel.

Il San Pietro di Positano

Il San Pietro di Positano is a luxury boutique hotel that seems to float between the sea and sky on the Amalfi Coast. The rooms at Il San Pietro di Positano are some of the most sophisticated on the Amalfi Coast. Il San Pietro is one of the luxurious hotels in Positano and has a private beach and a yacht for excursions onto the Mediterranean Sea.

There are several spa treatments in the health and wellness center and a free hammam (Turkish bath) to unwind after a busy day’s sightseeing.

Hotel Villa Franca

Suppose you’re looking for a lovely place to spend your honeymoon while you stay on the Amalfi Coast. In that case, Villa Franca is a superb selection – one of the most suited options for a honeymoon in Positano. All rooms have king-sized beds and soft Italian bedding.

Take advantage of the stylish interior and unwind in one of the city’s most sought-after areas. Enjoy swimming in the rooftop pool, relax at the on-site spa, or try some of Italy’s most refined foods, including fresh Mediterranean produce. Explore the lovely cobbled piazzas if you’d like to walk after supper.

Villa Boheme Exclusive Luxury Suites 

If you enjoy the comfort of an apart-hotel but want the amenities and services of a five-star resort, Villa Boheme is worth considering. This lovely house is on the hill above Spiaggia Grande beach, just 3 minute’s walk away. Every room has a beautiful terrace with Amalfi vistas and light and airy décor.

This is one of the few houses with a private pool in this vicinity. It’s nice to have a place to unwind if you don’t want to be on the beach among many people!

Villa Fiorentino

The unique apartment hotel in the world, you’ll feel right at home when you check into Villa Fiorentino if your house has a spa, pool, and a fantastic view! The in-house infinite sauna is a great place to unwind with a Turkish bath, relax in the Jacuzzi, or shower.

There are also incredible vistas! Enjoy the fantastic sea views from the cliffside infinity pool while breathing in the refreshing scent of orange and lemon trees. Do you want to go on a day trip? The hotel will take care of everything, including booking sightseeing trips to Capri’s island and the ancient ruins at Pompeii.

Covo Dei Saraceni 

Covo Dei Saraceni is one of the finest 5-star luxury lodgings in Positano, with a pool only minutes from the beach. The pool is one of the area’s best – wait until you see where it overlooks the Li Galli Islands.

The rooms are elegant and traditional. They all include beautiful private balconies or terraces, allowing you to gaze at the scenery. The picturesque hotel offers a hearty breakfast each morning in its charming restaurant, ensuring you have all the essentials you need for sightseeing on the Amalfi Coast. Also, always remember the Do’s and Don’ts when dining in an Italian restaurant.

Hotel Eden Roc Suites

The Hotel Eden Roc Suites is a lovely little hotel located in Positano’s Old Town with only 30 rooms. This establishment has an inviting atmosphere, light, airy rooms, and a dedication to preserving local heritage. Some suites include hot tubs – ideal if you’re looking for a romantic getaway on the Amalfi Coast.

The hotel is also well-known for its cuisine, so make a reservation for dinner if you can. Not only will you see locally sourced foods, but you’ll also notice items produced in the garden using ingredients.

Villa Dei Fisici 

This is one of those rare Amalfi homes you may not want to miss out on because it’s a unique location. So, if you’re organizing a once-in-a-lifetime experience with your closest friends or family, this house is for you.

The lovely 18th-century mansion has stunning Amalfi Coast vistas, a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, and elegant Terrace Rooms, where Hollywood movie stars stay if they’re in town.

Hotel Palazzo Murat

Hotel Palazzo Murat is a lovely family-run hotel with an exquisite swimming pool and a charming garden overflowing with brilliant and fragrant flowers and fruit trees. It also comes complete with breathtaking sea views, as do many of the resorts in Positano.

From deluxe to superior, the rooms are decorated and furnished to a high standard. The finest accommodations include sea views, rooftop terraces, big comfy beds, and a beach bag that you can grab and go straight down to Fornillo Beach.

Hotel Poseidon

Located in Positano along the Amalfi Coast of southern Italy, Hotel Poseidon features 48 guest rooms and suites with beautiful sea and coastline views. Our accommodations blend modern updates like en-suite bathrooms, flat-screen televisions, and mini-fridges with charming historic architecture and decor.

Guest amenities include complimentary Wi-Fi access, continental breakfast served daily, and complimentary use of a classic Volkswagen convertible car. With spacious rooms, boutique service, and prime positioning to access the sights of the Amalfi Coast, Hotel Poseidon offers a convenient, comfortable home base for tourists and business travelers alike. 

Hotel Royal Positano

Hotel Royal Positano is a modest and understated hotel in the town of Positano, perched on a rocky ledge. It’s ideal for families, with a mix of apartments and rooms, a huge swimming pool, and plenty of sunbeds.

The Best Time To Visit Positano

Italy has a Mediterranean climate, which is appealing all year. Temperatures differ by location, but for example, in Positano, you can anticipate lows of 11°C in January and highs of 34°C in July.

I’d suggest visiting Positano between April and June or September or October, just after the peak summer period. The weather is usually constant throughout these months, although it isn’t too hot. In addition, because you’re missing peak season, you should anticipate lower prices and more space.


Is it Better to Stay at Amalfi or Positano?

For most people, Positano is the better place to stay if you want beautiful views, nice shops, trendy cafes, and nice walks on the beaches that show the sweet life.

Is Positano a Walkable Town?

Yes, Positano is a very walkable town. Only one street allows vehicles, while the rest are narrow pedestrian lanes.

Why is Positano so famous?

Positano is famous for its picturesque seaside location on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, with colorful cliffside villas overlooking the sea.

Is Positano Expensive to Stay?

Yes, Positano is the most expensive town to stay on the Amalfi Coast, followed by Amalfi. For lower prices, consider the lovely but less famous towns of Praiano, Maiori, Minori, or Cetara.

Final Words

I hope you find this information helpful in finding the right neighborhood and the best Positano hotels for your stay. This beautiful town has so much to offer, and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time wherever you stay. Thanks for reading, and safe travels!