7 Best Tuscany Cooking Tours For Your Next Vacation

If you are passionate about Italian cuisine, taking cooking trips to Tuscany can allow you to learn more about this renowned region. Tuscany is not just the location of Florence …

If you are passionate about Italian cuisine, taking cooking trips to Tuscany can allow you to learn more about this renowned region. Tuscany is not just the location of Florence and the birthplace of the Renaissance; it is also a culinary powerhouse.

We indulged in plenty of aperitivos while touring Tuscany, enjoying pate crostini, cured meat, fresh local cheeses, and Chianti. As we loved the regional delights, we desired to discover more about the regional food.

We’ve chosen the best Tuscany cooking tours that regional chefs conduct. A cooking holiday in Tuscany can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to the rolling Chianti vineyards, craft visits, and cultural excursions. With these top cooking Tuscany tours, picture yourself preparing meals in the provinces of Tuscany.

Cooking With An Italian Chef In Italy: 10-Day Tour From Bologna

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On this 10-day Tuscany cooking vacation, you’ll travel to Northern Italy, experience authentic Italian cuisine first-hand, and learn how to prepare it yourself.

Your adventure begins with Stefano Corvucci, a chef, as he introduces you to the regions where the classic Italian recipes originated. He will prepare and eat meals with you that include fresh vegetables, local meats, fish, salumi, cheeses from the area, white truffles, porcini, chanterelle mushrooms, and, of course, homemade pasta.

Guests over 18 will taste the best Italian wines, including Barolo and Barbaresco, Valpolicella and Amarone, Sangiovese, Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, and Super Tuscans. He’ll show you how to prepare Pellegrino Artusi’s classic recipes in his kitchen and take you on a guided tour of Bologna’s well-known food markets!

Exploring The Art In Tuscany

You will undoubtedly fall in love with Tuscany’s historical landmarks, breathtaking countryside, and delectable cuisine when you visit. However, another aspect of this Italian region makes it so unique: the art.

The Sanctuary of La Verna is a great place to visit if you want to see Tuscany. St. Francis of Assisi established this magnificent sanctuary, home to some of Andrea Della Robbia’s most exquisite works of lead-glazed terracotta. You should also go to Borgo San Sepolcro in Tuscany, the home of Piero della Francesca, who created the famous murals The Resurrection of Christ and The Polyptych of the Misericordia while residing there.

If you want to see even more artwork from this area, go to Monterchi and see Madonna del Parto, one of Piero della Francesca’s most well-known pieces. Consider traveling to Montefeltro, the home of Federico Duke of Urbino, a Renaissance king, if you’re daring. There are numerous warm towns and villages where art blends with cuisine, the outdoors, and history, creating a unique charm for tourists.

7-Day Lost Flavor’s Bologna & Tuscany Cooking Vacations

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There is probably no better way to see Bologna than in these cooking classes in Tuscany. You can immediately check into your hotel or apartment when you get to the city. After meeting the chef and taking a brief stroll through Bologna’s historic district, you can go out for an aperitivo and dinner at a typical trattoria.

You will meet the chef at CIBO Cooking School at 8:30 AM the following morning after breakfast and depart on a historical tour of the city shortly after. Then it’s over to the market area, where you can shop at the stalls while deciding what to cook in the kitchen. Discover how to make two delectable lunch and dinner dishes, including homemade pasta. Choose between 3.5 hours of cookery instruction at the school or a guided walking tour of Bologna City Center in the afternoons. Then, you will return to the school at 6 o’clock to prepare dinner.

Tuscany Wine Tours And Handcrafted Ravioli

On day 4, you’ll embark on a tour of the Fiorentini Vineyards in Castrocaro. After snacking and tasting great Romagna wines like Sangiovese, Albana, and Famoso, stop to enjoy a lunch of piadina romagnola and handmade ravioli in a local trattoria. In the afternoon, continue to the mountain retreat on Mount Fumaiolo. After check-in, you can take a short walk in the mountains. You can prepare dinner in the mountain house in the evening using regionally-sourced, seasonal ingredients.

Visiting The Sanctuary Of La Verna, Monterchi & Piero Della Francesca’s

On day five, you can go to the Sanctuary of La Verna, which St. Francis of Assisi founded. Before going home to prepare lunch, take through Andrea Della Robbia’s exquisite lead-glazed ceramic creations. It’s lovely to stroll up to the Eremo of Saint Alberico on Mount Fumaiolo. After that, you can prepare delicious local food and have dinner there. Head to Piero della Francesca’s Tuscan villa of Borgo San Sepolcro the following morning. Visit the lovely local museum to behold the Polyptych of the Misericordia and the Resurrection of Christ frescoes. After lunch at a traditional Tuscan Osteria, visit Monterchi to admire Piero’s Madonna del Parto. Wander up to Mount Fumaiolo’s Sorgenti del Tevere in the late afternoon. More delicious local food is available for you to prepare and eat at home. Before returning to Bologna on day 7, spend the morning exploring Ravenna.

A Private Full-Day Bolgheri Wine Tasting Tour Excursion From Florence

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It is lovely to be lost in the lush surroundings of the rolling hills, vineyards, and olive orchards. Take a full-day excursion from Florence, and your tour guide will bring you to the Tuscan coast.

Upon being picked up from your accommodation, proceed to the quaint town of Bolgheri. The most well-known Tuscan wines are produced here, including Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Macchiole, and Argentieri.

Like Florence, Pisa, or San Gimignano, the Bolgheri region is never crowded, allowing you to experience the authentic flavor of Tuscany away from the masses. Explore contemporary and historic Tuscany along the shore as your driver-guide points out the Etruscan remnants.

The actual inhabitants of this area were the Etruscans, who lived between the Arno and the Tiber rivers. There are still signs of their mining enterprises, agricultural, and transportation infrastructure. You can find out more information on the Etruscans. It is a fantastic approach to contextualize many of the Florence Renaissance landmarks.

Discover the contemporary culture in this region now while learning about the past. You might have a nice lunch in the Mediterranean or one of the hill towns. Enjoy the well-known aromas of traditional Italian cuisine while unwinding in the fresh Tuscan air.

Experience San Gimignano: Wellness Trip

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Seize the opportunity to unwind entirely on this exclusive tour. Learn how to search for truffles in a truffle forest while being accompanied by trained dogs and staff members. All ages are welcome on this tour.

Learn to locate, identify, and clean priceless truffles like an expert on this trip. You will gain first-hand knowledge of the methods for handling truffles and preparing delectable truffle-based dishes during the truffle hunt and cooking classes. Drink wines produced by their winery for more than 13 generations after lunch with the Giachi family. Visit San Gimignano, a medieval city, to complete the itinerary and learn about its history and top shopping areas.

Truffle Cooking Class With Wine Tasting In San Gimignano

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We recommend you join this tour if you wish to learn the techniques for making authentic Tuscan cuisine from a skilled Italian chef.

Cooking homemade pasta and a range of specialty sauces, meat dishes, and desserts calls for using the freshest, locally available ingredients. Handpick your ingredients from a garden on the winery’s premises. You can learn the step-by-step procedure to chop, braise, boil your chosen ingredients, and cook and roast the ideal Tuscan supper.

It’s lovely to share fine, traditional Italian food and wine with friends and family. You can make dishes that will stay with you forever in a relaxed, fun setting. Allow yourself to indulge in a lot of freshly baked bread with extra virgin olive oil drizzled over it.

Chianti Wine Tasting And Cooking Class In Panzano

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On a private day excursion from Florence to Panzano in Chianti, you can immerse yourself in Italian culture with Tuscan cooking instructions and wine sampling. On a guided tour of the vineyards, cook your appetizers and treats. After your meal, partake in a wine tasting to sample some of the estate’s specialties.

You can meet your amiable guide for the day after being taken up from your Florence lodging. As you enter Panzano after traveling through rural Italy, you will be able to see the gorgeous Chianti Hills.

You’ll enter a family-run winery on the slopes and tour the estate. And then, explore the Chianti wines stored in the cellar while strolling among the vines.

Get ready for your cooking classes by rolling up your sleeves and going to the kitchen with a view of the hills. With the help of a skilled chef, prepare antipasti, a first and second course, and dessert. Learn how to prepare a complete Tuscan feast using local ingredients by cutting, braising, boiling, and roasting.

After the lesson, sit down to enjoy your food and the results of your labor. Before you return to Florence, indulge in a Chianti wine and partake in wine tastings.

Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Factory Tour In Emilia Romagna

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Learn about the production of Parmigiano Reggiano, Modena balsamic vinegar, and prosciutto ham on this tour from Florence. See the local companies and estates and sample the Emilia-Romagna region’s goods. Enjoy a classic traditional lunch that uses only fresh, non-transported foods.

Take a step back to begin your journey and discover how Parmigiano Reggiano is made at a biological caseificio (cheese factory). Learn why only Parma, Modena, and Reggio Emilia regions can produce genuine Parmigiano Reggiano.

As they raise the Parmigiano Reggiano and heat the milk to separate the whey, observe the cheesemakers as they are at work. After that, they move to the aging room. Admire the endless rows of cheese wheels and breathe in their enticing aroma. Try ricotta and several varieties of Parmesan cheese with regional goods.

A Lunch & Vinegar Tour of Balsamic Vinegars

On arrival, you will be served a multi-course lunch typical of the Emilia-Romagna area at an acetaia (balsamic vinegar factory). You will discover the best foods to mix with balsamic vinegar. A variety of balsamic vinegar is thoughtfully combined with each dish offered.

Join a private tour of the estate’s cellars following lunch. Get a thorough introduction to the production of balsamic vinegar, from the pressing of the grapes to the boiling of the wort to the filtration and blending steps.

Try “Tradizionale” and “Extravecchio” balsamic vinegar, among other varieties. Go to a prosciuttificio next (prosciutto factory). You will take a tour of the facility, view the manufacturing areas, and gain an understanding of how ham is processed.

Finish your visit with a sample of their products, which include raw and cooked hams such culatta, lardo, salami, prosciutto cotto, and prosciutto al tartufo. The cold cuts will be served with crescentine or tigelle, a traditional Emilia-Romagna bread. After that, you’ll return to Florence.


Are you prepared to travel to Tuscany for a culinary vacation?

A Tuscany culinary trip is exactly what you need if you enjoy fine food, wine, and the stunning Italian landscape. You’ll learn how to prepare traditional Italian dishes that the Tuscan people have been developing for hundreds of years. You’ll discover how to pair Tuscan food with regional wines and receive instructions for every word you cook!

Tuscany offers practical cooking classes as part of its culinary vacation. This implies that everyone can take part, regardless of prior cooking experience!

So why are you still waiting? Visit Tuscany if you’re ever in Italy for a memorable experience!

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