The Best Places To Stay In Tuscany, Italy

Explore Tuscany's beauty, art, and culture, with UNESCO sites that enchant you.
Written By: Andrea Spallanzani
Reviewed by: Rick Orford
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Last Updated March 22, 2024

In this article, you'll learn how:

  • Tuscany, Italy, is known for its stunning nature, art, culture, and food, with many UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • Florence is a must-visit for history and art enthusiasts, offering excellent public transport connections for day trips.
  • Tuscany offers diverse options, from beach towns like Viareggio to historic gems like Arezzo, all with unique accommodations.

Looking for a place to stay in Tuscany? Tuscany is a central Italian region with stunning nature, great art, excellent culture, and delectable food. But these are just a few features that make this part of Italy so charming.

Tuscany is home to over 3.6 million residents as of 2023, which was around 6% of Italy’s total population. Many Tuscan communities are home to UNESCO World Heritage sites. And you couldn’t be surprised, especially since they’re the homes of individuals like the Medicis or Leonardo DaVinci! So get lost within the cobblestone streets and take in the area’s atmosphere!

If you’re trying to find out where to stay in Tuscany, I’ve got you covered! Andrea and I have searched hundreds of hotel databases to pick only the best. And in this article, we only suggest the highest-rated hotels we would use! And to get the best rates, book ahead of time.

After picking your Tuscan hotel, the next step will be finding things to see and do. I’m sure your bucket list is long, but I hope that this article will assist you in making decisions about where to go and which hotel best meets your requirements!

LocationHighlightHotel Recommendation
FlorenceRenaissance art & cultureFour Seasons Hotel Firenze
SienaMedieval charmNH Siena
LuccaFamily-friendlyHotel Villa Casanova
PisaLeaning TowerPisa Tower Plaza
ViareggioSeaside paradiseHotel Sina Astor
ArezzoHistorical townThe Badia di Pomaio
San GimignanoMedieval beautyPalazzo Buonaccorsi
MontepulcianoWine paradisePalazzo Carletti
Lido di CamaioreBeach townGrand Hotel & Riviera
VolterraAncient charmHotel San Lino
PienzaPerfect villageRelais Il Chiostro Di Pienza
MontalcinoHilltop viewsDrogheria e Locanda Franci
Forte Dei MarmiBeach & fashionUNA Hotel
CortonaBreathtaking viewsBorgo Il Melone


Florence is the largest city in Tuscany and is well-known for its history and Renaissance art. Today, Florence is also a “bucket list” city, and it attracts 10 to 16 million visitors every year. If you visit Tuscany to learn more about Italy’s history, this is where you want to be, and you can tour Florence by just walking. But Florence isn’t only about the past: in the evening, like many Italian cities, the city becomes alive with locals and tourists eating and drinking outside. Each time I’m there, it seems like a different place altogether.

If you want to see other areas of the Tuscany region, use Florence’s excellent public transport connections to go on day trips to nearby sights; bus service to Siena, while the train takes you to places like Pisa and Lucca. Accommodation in Florence is available, from basic budget lodgings to premium hotels located in historic structures. If you’re traveling around the region on day excursions, staying near the Santa Maria Novella train station will save you time, making your stay in Tuscany as delightful as ever.

Four Seasons Hotel FirenzeIf you’re staying in Florence, you’ll want to check out the five-star Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, whose world-class spa and Michelin-star restaurant are an excellent choice for your next Tuscan adventure. You’ll discover acres of meticulously kept gardens right in the heart of the city at this luxury hotel. The lobby resembles a magnificent museum with its columns and sculptures. The entire facility is designed to give you a Tuscan holiday experience. If you want to leave the comfort of this resort at some point, Florence’s most famous attractions are only a 15-minute walk away.


The gorgeous medieval city of Siena is jam-packed with charm and beauty, and the Tuscan citizens are rightfully proud of their home and heritage. Even though Siena is popular with tourists, it retains its culture and customs and can be visited for more than a few nights. Art lovers will appreciate the medieval art, remarkable frescoes, and gothic paintings that abound throughout Siena’s ancient buildings.

The city center is wholly pedestrianized, but the major attractions are all within walking distance of one another – especially if you stay in one of the historic hotels in the city center. If you’re looking for nature, you may camp outside and take the bus into town instead.

NH Siena

This 5-star hotel is within walking distance of Siena’s main attractions and is just a kilometer from the hubbub of the Piazza del Campo. NH Siena situated less than a kilometer from the bustle of the Piazza del Campo but in a quiet street, is an excellent choice for getting a decent night’s sleep in the heart of town. The hotel is in a large, elegant building that mixes classic and modern styles, but rooms are decorated with modern amenities. Traditional Tuscan meals are served at the onsite restaurant, and late-night cocktails are at the cocktail bar.


The walled city of Lucca is a perfect family-friendly Italian town in Tuscany. It has beautiful parks and peaceful roads. Luca’s locals are kind and inviting to tourists, making it a nice place to visit. Enclosed by an ancient wall protects Lucca’s heritage; walk the medieval town on foot for more stunning Gothic-era buildings.

Lucca is less crowded and more affordable than its better-known neighbors of Florence and Pisa, making it a great option for visitors on a budget. There are several excellent mid-range options if you seek a clean and convenient hotel on a tight budget. Otherwise, there are plenty of excellent midrange options.

Hotel Villa Casanova 

This lovely Tuscan home outside of Lucca is a luxurious slice of Italian beauty set in beautiful woodlands. The Hotel Villa Casanova, which offers just a few rooms, is ideal for couples staying in Tuscany; all rooms are big and furnished in an easy mix of modern and traditional styles with hardwood floors, separate areas, and four-poster beds.

The hotel features a swimming pool and tennis court in its beautiful gardens and a restaurant with high-end Tuscan cuisine. There’s also a bar where you can have some drinks in the evening.


Pisa is a well-known city in Tuscany for its famous leaning tower, which receives millions of visitors each year from all over the world. You’ll see the famous building in the Square of Miracles, beautifully illuminated at night, making it ideal for a romantic escape.

Away from the major tourist attractions, more than half of Pisa’s residents are students from the town’s university. Because of this large student population, the evenings in Pisa are filled with cultural activities and a fun, youthful vibe around the bars and restaurants. It’s simple to get to Pisa by train, and the city is easily explored on public transportation. So if you’re on a budget, consider staying in one of the city’s hostels, or if you have more money, stay at one of the hotels in magnificent palaces and make your stay in Tuscany magical.

Pisa Tower Plaza

The Pisa Tower Plaza is a luxurious 5-star hotel in Pisa, Italy. The hotel offers guests beautiful views of the leaning tower and is close to the natural reserve of San Rossore. The hotel features an open-air swimming pool, a relaxing room with a Turkish bath, a massage room and fitness corner, a fabulous restaurant, and a lounge bar. The 121 bright rooms at the hotel include glamorous suites like the “Honey” and “Golden-Silver.”


If you want to visit some Tuscan beaches and make your stay in Tuscany unforgettable, the Italian riviera town of Viareggio is the place to go. Just a short train ride from notable historical cities such as Pisa, lively Viareggio offers serene seaside resorts that are ideal for swimming. Take a stroll along the beachfront promenade and have lunch at one of the many seafood restaurants offering freshly caught fish.

The city offers some beautiful examples of Liberty-style homes, now charming hotels. There are many resorts with private beaches and excellent services to make your holiday pleasurable if you want to stay in Tuscany along the coast.

Hotel Sina Astor

A modern 4-star hotel beside the beach and Viareggio Promenade offers boutique shops and eateries to explore. Rooms are simple but spacious, and they’re clean and comfortable. Make sure you choose a room with a balcony overlooking the sea so you can unwind in the evenings while watching the Tuscan sunset.

There is an indoor swimming pool for guests and a small gym if you want to work out inside. A trendy restaurant with breathtaking sea views serves dinner on an outdoor terrace.


Arezzo may not be one of the classic Tuscan towns, but you shouldn’t overlook it. For those taking the train, Arezzo is an hour by rail from Florence, making it a great place to start exploring Tuscany’s attractions. The charming town was once a medieval commune and is a close-knit, proud community today.

Stay in Arezzo and explore its ancient churches, piazzas, and Roman amphitheaters; you should also try the renowned Arezzo cuisine. Accommodation in the town varies from modern hotels outside the medieval city to beautifully restored mid-range traditional homes closer to the city center – although everything is easily accessible by foot.

The Badia di Pomaio

It is a 17th-century abbey with a hillside position 5 kilometers from Arezzo that has been restored to a four-star hotel. An infinite pool, as well as free WiFi, are available here. Air-conditioned rooms at the Badia di Pomaio feature wooden beam ceilings and handmade iron, stone, and wood furnishings.

The Campo Badia restaurant serves classic Tuscan cuisine from a terrace overlooking the garden. Onsite agriculture provides vegetables. In addition, the home features a wine cellar in a natural cave with a vaulted ceiling that visitors can see from the outside. Outside, guests may relax and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Tuscan hills toward Arezzo while drinking their coffee.

San Gimignano

San Gimignano, a small Tuscany town located just outside Siena, is one of the most famous places. For example, San Gimignano is famous for its towering structures and sits proudly within the city’s 13th-century medieval walls. Attracted by its attractions, tourists flock to enjoy its sights during the day. You may easily reach San Gimignano by bus or train anywhere in Tuscany.

The ideal location to learn more about the area’s culture and soak up the local way of life is in town. Pick a place to stay inside the city walls, and imagine yourself in medieval Tuscany; some lovely mid-range and luxury lodgings are available in the city, housed in ancient structures amid a wealth of history.

Palazzo Buonaccorsi

This hotel is located in an antique palace in San Giminiano. The hotel is on the list of local cultural heritage buildings. The hotel has six bedrooms with the names of the families living in the historic palace. The rooms are all unique in size, style, and decor. Some of the furniture in the rooms are still original from centuries ago.


Montepulciano is famous for its wine, particularly the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, and for being a haven on a hilltop. The town’s historic architecture is also well-known. No major construction has occurred within its walls since 1580, making it one of the most fully preserved medieval towns in Tuscany – if not all of Italy!

Stay in one of the region’s delightfully decadent Tuscan hotels with views from rooms that look out over the surrounding countryside across a mosaic of old vineyards and farmland. It is simple to get to Montepulciano by train or bus from major cities.

Palazzo Carletti

This 4-star hotel offers all the comforts of a home away from home. The rooms have a flat-screen T.V., air conditioning, a minibar, and free internet access.

While staying at Palazzo Carletti, visitors may use express check-in and check-out. Furthermore, Palazzo Carletti has a hot tub and complimentary breakfast, making your stay in Montepulciano even more pleasurable. In addition to that, there is complimentary parking for guests.

Palazzo Carletti is an excellent place for travelers in Tuscany since it is near several most visited sites, such as Chiesa Del Gesu and Centro Storico.

Lido di Camaiore

Lido di Camaiore, which translates as ‘Beach of Camaiore,’ is a beautiful example of the traditional Tuscan countryside. The town has drawn creative and fashionable Italian tourists for years with its golden sands and magnificent sunsets. Restaurants and bars fill the historic center and seaside walkway for a fun atmosphere.

Cities like Pisa make easy day trips; you may stay in one of the numerous boutique hotels in the art-deco buildings in the heart of Lido di Camaiore. There are several family-friendly seaside resort hotels to select from for visitors looking to visit the Tuscan countryside.

Grand Hotel & Riviera 

Grand Hotel & Riviera is an attractive choice for those seeking a taste of luxury living during their Tuscan holiday. This seaside, nautical-themed 4-star hotel with various facilities, including a hammam (Turkish bath), hot tub, outdoor pool, and sauna, features nautical decor.

The stylish, spacious rooms and sea views mesmerize your stay in Tuscany – all backed by mountains – making Grand Hotel & Riviera an excellent option for couples looking for a taste of luxury living on their trip to Tuscany. This trendy hotel offers complimentary breakfast and other services, such as a museum (Museo Della Marineria) dedicated to the Italian navy, four kilometers away, and the beach is within walking distance.


Volterra’s most ancient attractions date from the 4th century B.C.: see the city’s massive old walls, well-preserved city gates, an Etruscan citadel, and the remnants of ancient temples on a tour of the town. Roman ruins fill the center, and as you walk Volterra’s historic streets, you can still sense an age-old flavor. Sample local cuisine in one of the streetside restaurants or visit the weekly market for fresh fruit.

You may take the bus to other appealing destinations, but Volterra is small enough to walk about. You will find many of the city’s lodgings in ancient stone buildings, although you may also stay a little further away from the city at large luxury villas with panoramic views.

Hotel San Lino

Staying at this hotel means sampling a taste of traditional Tuscan life. The hotel is within the medieval walls of Volterra, and it is a historically beautiful structure with lovely brick arches, classic tiled floors, and simple whitewashed walls. There’s an open-air patio where you can soak up the calm atmosphere while enjoying the stunning views from the rooftop terrace. An outdoor pool and a restaurant are available at this accommodation to make your stay in Tuscany unforgettable.


Pienza is a tiny village in the Val d’Orcia that sits in the lovely valley of the same name. The town is on a hilltop with stunning views of the basin below. Pope Pius II built Pienza as part of his attempt to turn his hometown into an ideal city, and it became known as “the perfect city of the Renaissance.” The result is a city with graceful architecture ideal for your Tuscan holiday.

The bus from Pienza may take you to other towns in the region. Stay at one of the many breathtakingly beautiful luxury hotels to appreciate the village’s depth of fantastic cuisine and history.

a view from the street when on a stay in tuscany

Relais Il Chiostro Di Pienza

Relais Il Chiostro Di Pienza is a tumbledown former 13th-century Franciscan convent-turned-hotel in the Provence region. The Relais Il Chiostro De Pienza has rooms in an old-world, classical style and is suitable for anybody looking to stay somewhere that genuinely feels like it’s from another era. When it’s warm, the complimentary breakfast is served on a picturesque terrace, and the restaurant spills into lovely garden grounds; this is also when you can use the outdoor pool.


Montalcino is a picturesque hilltop town with breathtaking views stretching across the valleys of Tuscany, the silver olive orchards and vineyards, and the pastures of Tuscany. It’s worth the trip from Siena to Montalcino. The well-preserved medieval buildings and impressive pentangle fortresses are within beautiful Montalcino’s ancient walls.

Spend your evenings exploring one of the medieval structures, with luxurious decorations and swimming pools containing a hidden world where you may spend your nights.

Drogheria e Locanda Franci

This small hotel is located in the center of Montalcino, just across the street from the old fortress. The rooms are small but very well decorated with a wine theme. The hotel also has an excellent restaurant that serves local food paired with the famous red wine of the area, the Brunello di Montalcino. In the morning, guests of the hotel can enjoy a fantastic breakfast with fresh bread and pastry.

Forte Dei Marmi

Forte Dei Marmi is your place if you enjoy the sea and fashion. Indeed, Forte Dei Marmi lay along the Apuan Mountains and was a holiday resort for Italy’s rich in ancient times. If you like Italian fashion labels and living a pampered life on the Mediterranean, this is the town to visit. The town gets its name from the fort in the city center, which dates back to the 18th century.

Spend your days exploring the ruins of the fort in the rolling hills, with its castle and panoramic vistas, or simply relaxing on the breathtaking beaches and eating in the exquisite restaurants and historic pubs. Hotels in the region are boutique luxury properties that attract Italy’s top earners in football and society. So if you plan to make your stay in Tuscany worthwhile, consider visiting Forte Dei Marmi.

UNA Hotel 

UNA, a 4-star Hotel, offers simple yet elegant rooms with balconies and room service and has an outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts for guests to enjoy. A complimentary buffet breakfast is available here, as well as free parking (making it ideal if you’re on a road trip); the restaurant serves Italian cuisine in a Tuscan style. If you’re seeking seaside excitement, look no further than two kilometers from the beach.


The lovely city of Cortona, which is 600 meters above sea level and has breathtaking panoramic vistas of the surrounding countryside as far as Lake Trasimeno, is a popular tourist destination. The town has grown so beautiful that it served as the backdrop for the international bestseller, Under the Tuscan Sun. Increased numbers of visitors have flocked to explore the tiny, convoluted streets to see where filming took place for the famous book. Ancient history leaks from every structure and monument within the town encircled by stone walls.

Cortona is not frequently visited, but it’s well worth the effort. So if you plan to stay in Tuscany, Cortona should be on your bucket list. There is a local bus from Camucia station that goes there. Staying in the beautiful town will reveal hidden gems and riches; visitors will find a variety of low-cost accommodations outside of town, but within the city, they have numerous stately hotels to select from. Visitors to Cortona can enjoy wine tasting at any of the numerous vineyards dotting the countryside. Whether you’re sampling a robust red or a refreshing white, you will find a wine to your taste.

Borgo Il Melone 

Borgo Il Melone is a lovely 19th-century manor with gorgeous surroundings to enjoy a romantic stay. The rooms at this hotel are decorated with elegant rustic features and vibrant, modern touches, and when you want to get outside, it also has 15 acres of garden to explore. It’s not only about relaxing here; the hotel offers cooking classes, which is fantastic if you’re a big fan of the restaurant’s food; you can even learn how to paint, go horseback riding, or even wine tasting.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed our recommendations on where to stay in Tuscany. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, in that case, I suggest you consider staying in one of these charming towns or villages in Tuscany. You will not be disappointed!