Food Walking Tour Of Brera (Milan): A Neighborhood Of Cultures

Visting Milan sometime soon and wondering what to see and do? Even though Milan is known for its fashion, we urge you to take home some memories of the celebrated …

Visting Milan sometime soon and wondering what to see and do? Even though Milan is known for its fashion, we urge you to take home some memories of the celebrated city’s exceptional cuisine. We encourage you to take a Milan food walking tour of Brera for an unforgettable sampling journey through Milan’s historic Brera district where old-world charm meets a hip urban attitude.

Even if you’ve eaten in Milan before, you’ll adore going on a walking food tour in Brera. You will sample regional delicacies that include authentic flavors and discover classic dishes in the area. Be prepared to experience the Lombardy wine region’s produce as well. Also, you will discover Milan’s colorful history and how it has changed over the years.

If you want to experience the authentic tastes of Brera, consider taking a food tour of the neighborhood stores that specialize in local dishes.

Milan Food Tour – Enjoying All The Delights Of Brera’s Culinary Culture

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We recommend you take a three-hour walking tour of Milan and enjoy the tastes of Italy that focus on the historical area of Brera. This is where the old-world charm meets the youthful downtown vibe of Milan

You can see Milan’s rich history as you visit the city. Discover how it has changed over time, from the use of the navigable “Navigli” canals to the brand-new, cutting-edge Porta Nuova neighborhood built to house the International Expo 2015.

Your tour guide will amuse you with the history and production processes of the food products you will sample. Learn to recognize the traditional recipes from Milan, such as melanzane alla Parmigiana (eggplant parmigiana), cannoli (Sicilian cream horns), and some of the city’s best wines.

At the hip art bar La Bicicletta, you can sample some of Italy’s culatello (dry-cured ham), Milanese meatballs, Parma ham matured for 24 months, genuine Italian gelato, and Milanese aperitifs.

A Walking Tour Through Milan’s Brera Neighborhood

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Discover Milan’s vintage charm on a walking tour of the Brera neighborhood, discover its vintage charm. Find out the former residences of renowned authors, thinkers, and artists. See the Palazzo di Brera grandeur and lovely bridges.

Begin your walking tour of the Brera neighborhood after meeting your guide. As you travel through the canals, stop to take in the sights of the Tombone di San Marco bridge, Conca dell’Incoronata lock, and Ponte delle Gabelle bridge.

See the homes that overlook the canal and drive by the former residence of author Dino Buzzati. We recommend you go to Via Solferino street to visit the former Corriere della Sera newspaper offices. Which is originally collected from paper reels from the Naviglio della Martesana canal.

Your guide will lead you through the maze of winding alleyways that encircle the Palazzo di Brera palace. Pass by the Academy of Fine Arts and the Brera Art Gallery. You will wander the streets that served as the basis for “Vita Agra” by Luciano Bianciardi.

The cafes on Via Fiori Chiari street can be reached by walking through Bar Jamaica. Find out where the avant-garde painters of Scapigliati previously resided. You can visit the ancient stores to experience the atmosphere’s preservation.

Other Things To Do In Brera District

Brera is a district in Milan that’s best known for its food, but there are other things to do in Brera besides just taking a walking food tour.

It is also known as the artists’ quarter of Milan, because of its art school, historic museum gallery, and contemporary art galleries and studios. It is lively, elegant, and quirky that’s why it is also a must-visit for tourists.

Go To Milan’s Most Famous Churches

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You can see Milan for the day with a live guide. Get a skip-the-line entry ticket to Milan’s Cathedral, the famous Da Vinci Last Supper, the magnificent ancient Sforza Castle, and the buzzing Brera neighborhood.

Depending on the option you choose, meet your guide and other art enthusiasts either at the Cathedral or the Santa Maria delle Grazie church. You can learn more about Milan’s history and culture with your guide.

See one of the biggest churches in Europe by purchasing a skip-the-line entry ticket to Milan’s Duomo. With your guide, enjoy a stroll and see another side of Milan. Don’t forget to take pictures of the Sforza Castle, which dates back to the 15th century.

You may also get a skip-the-line entry ticket to the Santa Maria delle Grazie cathedral, where you can view Leonardo Da Vinci’s famed painting, The Last Supper. Enjoy your guaranteed 15 minutes outside while your guide points out the specifics.

Discover the Brera neighborhood’s cobblestone lanes, which are home to Milan’s vibrant social and artistic scene. Learn about all the illustrious intellectuals and artists who have resided in Brera.

Discover Milan Through Art At The Pinacoteca

Food Walking Tour Of Brera (Milan): A Neighborhood Of Cultures

The renowned Pinacoteca is Milan’s top gallery and home to some of the most significant classical paintings in existence. It is a great place to start your day of exploration. You will receive a 2-hour guided tour through the gallery from a tour guide who speaks many languages.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the Pinacoteca, which has Milan’s most famous art collection. Artworks by masters including Raffaello, Caravaggio, Hayez, and many others are available in the gallery.

Having a knowledgeable and amiable guide who can explain to you about the artwork and the artists themselves will enhance your experience of wandering among these artifacts.

After you see the art gallery, take a walk down the charming Brera street to fully enjoy the enchanting atmosphere. Your tour guide will point out all the local stores selling canvas, perfume, and other items that make this city so alluring.


If you’re looking for a unique place to stay in Milan, Brera is the place for you. Taste your way through the historic neighborhood of Brera for a unique and memorable experience. Where it is one of the oldest and fascinating neighborhoods in Milan.

The neighborhood has been a haven for bohemians for a long time. With its busy street markets and vibrant nightlife scene, it attracts both creative locals and travelers.

Strangely, many tourists pass by it on their way to Milan’s Cathedral (Duomo), the Sforza Castle, La Scala Theatre and Opera House, or the Fashion District. But its small, winding streets and medieval design will make you forget that you are in the middle of a busy city.

Brera is a great place to wander around, whether you want to taste local food or immerse yourself in art and culture.

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