What Is The Best Tour For The Colosseum In Rome?

Wondering what the best things to see at the Colosseum? Indeed, if you want to see it all, you’ll need a tour of the Colosseum in Rome. One of ancient …

Wondering what the best things to see at the Colosseum? Indeed, if you want to see it all, you’ll need a tour of the Colosseum in Rome. One of ancient Rome’s most popular tourist attractions is the Colosseum. The Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheater, was built in 72 AD by Emperor Vespasian and his son Titus.

The Colosseum was a ring-shaped stadium with room for 50,000 viewers. The arena was used for high-profile gladiatorial contests and public events. In 476 AD, the Roman Empire fell, and the Colosseum was abandoned. The Colosseum was severely damaged by an earthquake in 847 AD and was later used as a fortress and a quarry. In the 18th century, Pope Benedict XIV began restoration work on the Colosseum.

The Colosseum is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The modern Colosseum is a large travertine stone and brick monument with massive arches and five levels.

Why visit the Colosseum in Rome?

What Is The Best Tour For The Colosseum In Rome?

There are many reasons to visit the Colosseum. For starters, it’s one of the most iconic structures in the world and offers a unique glimpse into Roman history. It’s also an impressive sight, towering over the city of Rome. Plus, the Colosseum is still an active archaeological site, which means visitors can see ongoing excavations and restoration work. And the Colosseum is home to a range of exciting exhibits on Roman culture and history.

The Colosseum is an impressive sight. Its massive size and imposing architecture make it a must-see attraction. It’s also an excellent opportunity to imagine the Roman Empire’s heyday. Not only did it host events such as gladiator fights, but it was also the stage for political and religious spectacles.

What’s so good about visiting the Colosseum?

Well, for a start, there’s the history. The Colosseum is over 2,000 years old, where some of history’s most famous battles and spectacles were held. It’s a truly unique place to visit.

Then there are the views. The Colosseum sits in the middle of Rome, so you can enjoy some incredible panoramic views of the city while you’re there. And finally, there’s the atmosphere. The Colosseum is always busy with tourists but still maintains an air of excitement and anticipation. To visit a marvelous place, you must browse the Colosseum in Rome.

What to see at the Colosseum?

If you’re planning a visit to the Colosseum, be sure to check out these highlights:

The Colosseum’s facade

This elaborately decorated facade is a masterpiece of Roman architecture. It’s one of the most famous and best-preserved remains of ancient Rome. It was initially built in the 80s AD when Emperor Titus commissioned the construction of an excellent theater for sports games and gladiator shows.

The Hypogeum

This underground area housed the animals and gladiators participating in the games. It is decorated with pictures of the gladiators and animals they were fighting, and it also contains a pool of water, which was used to prepare the dead for their final appearance.

The arena

This is where the action took place. Look for the holes in the floor to lower animals and props into the hall.

How to Choose The Best Tour Of The Colosseum While In Rome

Tourists often find it challenging to choose the best tour for Colosseum – there’s just so many different options. And, it makes it hard to decide which one to pick.

Andrea and I have visited the Colosseum several times. In our experience, the first thing that needs to be considered is what type of tour you want? For example, do you want someone to walk you around the site for 4-5 hours and tell you everything they know (think history and architecture)? Or, would you prefer to peruse around on your own? Chances are, you’ll want something in the middle.

So, ultimately, you’ll want to decide on a tour that caters to your interests.


How much are you willing to budget for a tour? Tours vary in price and time of year. For example, everything is generally cheaper for tourists in Italy in the Spring and Winter. so compare prices before making a decision. Some tours are more expensive, but it’s important to remember that higher prices don’t always mean better quality.


Some tours depart from different places in Rome, so be sure to choose one close to your hotel or the attractions you want to visit.


If you do not speak Italian, choose a tour with an English-speaking guide or better yet, a guide that speaks your preferred language).


How long are you planning on staying in Rome? The longer, the better, so choose a tour that is long enough to see everything you want to see. 


How long are you planning on staying in Rome? The longer, the better, so choose a tour that is long enough to see everything you want to see. 

When To Visit The Colosseum

Of all the landmarks in Rome, the Colosseum is always one of the busiest. This ancient arena has seen a lot of history, and it’s now one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. But with all these people visiting daily, when is the best time to call?

The Colosseum is open daily from morning until one hour before sunset. It can get very crowded by midday during peak season, from April to September. If you want to avoid crowds, it’s best to visit early or later in the evening.

Another thing to consider is that tickets are not cheaper during the off-peak season.

We find the best time to visit the Colosseum are spring and fall because there is warm weather and fewer tourists. In winter, the temperature can be cold, and in the summer, it can be over 40C (hot and sweaty), and very crowded.

Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Visit To the Colosseum

The Colosseum can be pretty crowded, but visiting this ancient arena is worth it. Here are some tips to make the most of your tour: 

1. First and most important, Choose the type of tour wisely.

2. Arrive early to avoid crowds. The Colosseum opens at 9 am, and the earlier you

arrive, the less congested it will be.

3. Wear comfortable shoes. The Colosseum is quite large and involves a lot of walking, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

4. If you have a Roma Pass, skip the line and enter through the special entrance. 

5. Book a guided tour to learn more about this iconic structure. 

6. Download the free Colosseum audio guide app for an interactive experience. 

7. Get there as close to opening time as possible – some tickets are valid for two days and grant access to several sides of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

8. Take the elevator to the top for a bird’s eye view of the area. Arrive at the Colosseum before 10:00 am to see beautiful sights; using the elevator will allow you to experience this area to the fullest.

9. Consider purchasing a Colosseum souvenir from one of the stands that line the route from the main entrance to the ancient site.

10. Take advantage of Rome s excellent transportation system to move between locations throughout the city.

Final Thoughts About Visiting The Colosseum

As you can see, there are many different tours for the Colosseum. Whether you choose a private tour or go with a group, you’ll surely enjoy this iconic tourist attraction in Rome!

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