Best Places To Stay In Florence, Italy

The top traveler's guide to accommodations and attractions in Florence, Italy.
Written By: Andrea Spallanzani
Reviewed by: Rick Orford
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Last Updated March 21, 2024

In this article, you'll learn how:

  • Florence, Italy, offers a wealth of historical sights and attractions, making it a top-rated destination for travelers worldwide.
  • The city's popular neighborhoods for accommodation include Centro Storico, Oltrarno, Santa Croce, San Niccolò/Piazzale Michelangelo, and Santa Maria Novella.
  • Consider location, budget, and preferences when choosing where to stay in Florence to enhance your travel experience.

Florence, also known as the “birthplace of the Renaissance,” is the regional capital of Tuscany. Florence receives an average of 16 million tourists per year. It is the home of historical sights, including Piazza della Signora, the Uffizi Gallery, and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Florence is one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s totally walkable, unlike Rome, it is compact and just a short distance away from all the main attractions. That said, Florence has tons of places to stay.

The Arno River divides the city in two. The old city center, to the north, is where most attractions are (the Duomo, Uffizi Gallery, and Palazzo Vecchio). This is where you’ll spend most of your time.

Palazzo Pitti and Piazza Michelangelo, which offer the best view of Florence, are located in the southern section. Various bridges connect the two river banks, including Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence.

Florence is a top-rated destination for travelers from all over the world, and thanks to that, you won’t have issues when you look for a tour guide. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and renowned art museums, it’s no wonder that so many people flock to this beautiful city. However, with so many tourists comes the challenge of finding a place to stay that is both comfortable and affordable. To help you plan, we’ve compiled a list of the best neighborhoods to stay in Florence and our top picks for accommodation. On the other hand, if you are still wondering how to get to Florence from a cruise, check this out.

The Most Popular Neighborhoods to Stay in Florence

Florence is a small city compared to other popular tourist destinations like Rome, Milan, and Barcelona. Florence’s population is only around 360,000 residents while Rome reaches over 4.3 million. This makes planning much easier since you are less likely to get lost and less likely to stay on the “wrong side of town.” So if you’re within fifteen minutes of walking to Ponte Vecchio, you’re in the right place. This will put you close to other attractions. Below is the list of popular neighborhoods to stay in Florence. Or, if you want to book a personal tour of Florence, check this out.

  • Centro Storico – Duomo / Uffizi / Ponte Vecchio 
  • Oltrarno and Santo Spirito 
  • Santa Croce 
  • San Niccolò / Piazzale Michelangelo 
  • Santa Maria Novella (Station area)
  • Fiesole (A nearby town)

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Centro Storico – Duomo / Uffizi / Ponte VecchioSmall area with major attractions within walking distance.
Oltrarno and Santo SpiritoCharming area with attractions like Pitti Palace and Ponte Vecchio.
Santa CroceKnown for the Basilica of Santa Croce and a vibrant food scene.
San Niccolò / Piazzale MichelangeloOffers great views and a peaceful atmosphere, a short bus ride away.
Santa Maria Novella (Station area)Has wide, well-paved streets, fancy restaurants, and bars.
Fiesole (A nearby town)Tranquil town with panoramic views, 30 minutes by bus from the center.

Centro Storico – Duomo / Uffizi / Ponte Vecchio 

The city center of Florence, Italy – also known as the Centro Storico in Italian – is a small but mighty area chock-full of incredible sights and attractions. From the iconic Ponte Vecchio bridge to the world-famous Accademia Gallery housing Michelangelo’s statue of David, everything you’ll want to see in Florence is within walking distance or a short bus ride away. At the Bargello museum, you may enjoy a walking tour of its magnificent collection of Italian Renaissance Sculptures. And if you’re looking for luxury and affordable accommodations, you’ll find no shortage of five-star hotels and boutique properties with views of the Arno River.

However, if you plan and book early, you can snag reasonably priced Airbnb rentals and budget hotel rooms in the city center. So whether you’re looking to explore all that Florence has to offer or just looking for a play to stay in Florence within walking distance of all the major sights, the Centro Storico is the perfect place to base yourself during your stay in this stunning city. However, if you want to enjoy some stunning coastline and crystal-clear water, head to the Amalfi Coast. You’ll see the beauty of this 32-mile coast with 500-foot-tall cliffs and over 100 beaches.

We recommend staying in the city or historic center for first-time visitors and those with only a limited time in Florence. The Duomo (Florence Cathedral), or Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, is the most magnificent structure in Florence. The Piazza Della Signoria has been the focal point of political activity in Florence since the 14th century, with the prominent Palazzo Vecchio overlooking it. Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo Vecchio are also located here, not to mention the city’s famous piazze, shopping districts, and many museums and eateries.

Why admire The Duomo Area:

The Duomo (Florence Cathedral) is one of Florence’s main attractions and the hub of everything and is one of the best places to stay in Florence. It’s close to all of Florence’s highlights. Other communities are close by, allowing you to see them all!

Near The Duomo Are Some of the City’s Top Attractions

  • The Florence Cathedral / Il Duomo
  • Giotto’s Bell Tower
  • The Baptistery of St. John (Bronze Doors)
  • Accademia (Michelangelo’s David)
  • Uffizi Gallery
  • Palazzo Vecchio
  • Piazza della Signoria
  • Loggia dei Lanzi
  • The House of Dante
  • Piazza della Repubblica

These are the best place to stay in Florence, Italy

HotelDescriptionSpecial FeaturesPrice Range
Hotel La Scaletta FlorenceMid-range hotel near Duomo, Pitti Palace, and Michelangelo’s David. Rooftop terrace.Free Wi-Fi, private balcony, dry-cleaning.Affordable-Mid
Hotel Pitti Al Ponte VecchioBed and breakfast with flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi. 24-hour front desk.Continental breakfast, traditional restaurant.Expensive
Plaza Hotel Lucchesi4-star hotel offering minibar, room service, rooftop pool, and breakfast.Private balcony, superb view.Affordable-Mid
Hotel Monna Lisa14th-century hotel with a garden, 24-hour desk, and minibar.Breakfast on private balcony.Affordable
Hotel DavidTraditional hotel, 5 minutes by bus to the center, buffet breakfast, and pet-friendly.Convenient access to attractions.Affordable-Mid
The Westin Excelsior5-star hotel with a rooftop restaurant and views of Florence.Part of the Lungarno Collection.Expensive
Gallery Hotel ArtItaly’s first design hotel, part of Lungarno Collection. 4-star rating with discounts.Book directly for discount.Mid-Expensive
Belmond Villa San MicheleOpulent 5-star country hotel with Tuscany and Florence views.Luxury amenities and views.Expensive
FH55 Hotel Villa Fiesole19th-century villa in Florentine hills with a pool and pet-friendly policy.Sunset views, concierge service.Affordable-Mid
Camping Village Panoramico Fiesole3-star hotel with panoramic views, free shuttle to Florence bus stop.Scenic location and shuttle service.Affordable

Hotel Savoy By Rocco Forte

Located in the heart of Florence, this five-star hotel is an iconic Florentine hotel with signature Renaissance architecture. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a bar lounge, and a gym, and pets are allowed. In terms of their rooms, you will not be disappointed by their cozy interior that gives a relaxing feeling from the busy Florentine streets. Delicious food was comparable with the hotel’s offerings. The hotel is just a short walk from the city’s leading landmarks, such as the Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery. This is one of the most expensive hotels in the area and, undoubtedly, the best place to stay in Florence, so you might want to look for other suggestions.

Palazzo Castri 1874

A sophisticated combination of traditional and modern art. The Palazzo Castri 1874 is a 4-star hotel with elegant Etruscan architecture and comfort. Inside the boutique hotel are amazing art installations and ceiling art; someone might mistake the place for a gallery. The location is also ideal, only a few minutes away from the train station. Hotel amenities include valet parking, free wifi, and free breakfast. As a tourist, you can also relax in their spa and garden for a quick break from the hustle and bustle of the city tour. This hotel can be considered a place of value for money.

Galileo 2000 B&B

Galileo 2000 B&B is a lovely and conveniently located bed-and-breakfast near the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The best feature of this B&B is its location as it allows sightseers to walk to any of the main sites in the historic city centre. During your stay, you get a free continental breakfast buffet and free wifi everywhere on the property. The place also offers 24-hour check-in, 24-hour security, and pets are also allowed. If you’re into architecture and interior design, you’ll appreciate the property’s traditional furnishings and design. For the price, it’s inexpensive for the convenience you can experience.

Oltrarno and Santo Spirito 

The Oltrarno district of Florence is located just across the Ponte Vecchio and is an excellent contrast to the more tourist-centered areas of the city. This central neighborhood is quieter and less expensive, with plenty of local restaurants, wine bars, and artisan boutiques selling paper and leather goods. You’ll also find plenty of residential buildings in Oltrarno, giving you a sense of what it would be like to live in Florence.

You’ll find yourself in the lovely Santo Spirito area, just a short stroll away from the Pitti Palace. This neighborhood church has a charming piazza lined with cafes and bars where locals gather at all hours to converse, drink coffee, or enjoy a meal. Santo Spirito is a bustling area rich with Florentine culture and history. It’s the perfect place to stay in Florence if you want to get a taste of true Italian life.

Why admire San Spirito & Oltrarno:

The Arno River distinguishes it from the city’s main sights, giving SS a more local flavor. One of the finest, if not the best, food scenes in Florence. To see sunsets, get close to Piazzale Michelangelo.

The following are some of the attractions in San Spirito and Oltarno:

  • Pitti Palace (Medici Palace)
  • Boboli Gardens
  • Basilica di Santo Spirito
  • Giardino di Palazzo Frescobaldi
  • Ponte Vecchio

There are many hotels in Florence to choose from, a mix of expensive and budget-friendly bed and breakfasts. So carefully check your itinerary and budget. The following Florence hotels should be taken into account while planning your stay:

Hotel La Scaletta Florence

Hotel La Scaletta is a mid-range hotel located on Via Guicciardini near iconic landmarks such as the Duomo, Pitti Palace, and Michelangelo’s David. However, if you are interested in seeing Rome’s world-renowned landmarks, click here. The hotel’s rooftop terrace offers breathtaking sights of the nearby area. Excellent breakfasts; generous amounts of space in the rooms; courteous service. The place offers free wi-fi, a private balcony, and a dry-cleaning service. In addition, there are some delicious restaurants in the area. When taking the location, the cost is quite affordable.

Hotel Pitti Al Ponte Vecchio

The Hotel Firenze Pitti Palace al Ponte Vecchio is another bed and breakfast place you can stay at. Their rooms feature a flat-screen television, air conditioning, and a mini-fridge, and the hotel offers complimentary, fast Wi-Fi. You may also take advantage of the hotel’s services, such as a 24-hour front desk, a continental breakfast buffet, and a traditional restaurant with a rooftop terrace. While staying at B&B Hotel Pitti Palace Al Ponte Vecchio Hotel, travelers may check out Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria which are within 10-minute walk of Florence’s prominent attractions. This place is perfect for budget travelers.

Hotel Lungarno Florence

The Hotel Lungarno Florence is situated not far from the city’s historic center, at 0.08 kilometers away. The location is perfect, as all of the restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions are within walking distance from the hotel. In addition, they have a restaurant on the building where you may have lunch with amazing view of the magical Arno river. Some popular amenities include free Wi-Fi, allergy-free rooms, and a lounge. Conveniently located restaurants include Gustarium, I’ Girone De’ Ghiotti, and Bottega Di Fattoria-Trattoria Toscana. Pets are particularly allowed but it’s best to call ahead to confirm. Knowing that it’s from the prominent Lungarno brand, the price is expensive but you get value for money.

Santa Croce 

The Santa Croce district is a beautiful middle area of Florence. The Basilica of the same name, which has stood on this site for ages, is where local activity revolves around. This is the final resting place of well-known Florentines such as Michelangelo, Galileo, and Macchiavelli.

The Piazza di Santa Croce is a vibrant area lined with bars and restaurants, and it’s only a few minutes from the covered Sant’Ambrogio market, which sells the freshest fruit, vegetables, and regional produce every day except Sunday.

You’ll discover charming boutique hotels and fantastic value apartments in this area. They are ideally placed to see the city’s ancient attractions on foot. From the central piazza, it’s a 10-minute walk to both the Uffizi Gallery and the Duomo.

Why admire Santa Croce:

It is within walking distance of Florence’s major museums and attractions. There are some of the finest restaurants in Florence and a good food scene. The famous Sant’Ambrogio market is here. It borders the central touristic districts yet has a less-crowded vibe.

The following are some of the best attractions in Santa Croce:

  • Basilica of Santa Croce
  • Sant’Ambrogio Market

The area offers many luxurious hotels, and the following are good options to consider:

Hotel Regency

Hotel Regency is a five-star nineteenth-century villa at the center of Florence. It aims to provide a personal residence where you will experience the warm, comforting feeling of home throughout your travels. . The hotel overlooks pristine Piazza D’Azeglio, framed by monasteries, ancient abbeys, famous museums. The hotel is located in a quiet part of town but is a short walk from everything including the Duomo, San Spirito, and the shopping district. You might not need to hail a cab once. Hotel amenities include free High Speed Internet (WiFi), bicycles, and is also pet-friendly. For the price, it is reasonably expensive especially how convenient the place is.

Plaza Hotel Lucchesi

Plaza Hotel Lucchesi Providing an ideal mix of value, comfort and convenience. The place offers a romantic setting with an array of amenities for travelers. Plaza Hotel Lucchesi offers minibar, room service for convenience, and a private balcony to enjoy Florence’s view. In addition, the Plaza Lucchesi Hotel has a rooftop pool and complimentary breakfast as a welcome reprieve from your hectic day. If you’re traveling with your wife or spouse, you might want to check this hotel. The price can be considered affordable for a 4-star hotel, with superb view.

Hotel Monna Lisa

Hotel Monna Lisa As the name suggests, it’s related to art and history. The beautiful 14th century hotel has trees of nature have hidden a beautiful garden away from the crowds and noise. The architecture Some amenities are free wi-fi, baggage storage, and a free breakfast. Overall, it is a good value for money and a great area for walking 10 minutes to Santa Croce.

San Niccolò / Piazzale Michelangelo 

Located across the Arno River from Santa Croce, the San Niccolò district is a pleasantly tangled series of cobbled streets hugging the hillside below legendary Florence viewing point Piazzale Michelangelo. In addition to its quaint charm, San Niccolò boasts a thriving bar and restaurant scene. It spills out onto its characteristic pavements well into every evening, making it an ideal place to stay if you want to escape the vast hordes of tourists regularly congest Florence’s city center.

Despite its distinctly local feel, San Niccolò is only a walking distance away from the central action via the picturesque Ponte delle Grazie bridge, offering idyllic views down the mesmerizing Arno river Arno towards Ponte Vecchio along the way. So, it’s a great place to stay while you’re in Florence because it’s easy to be charming and convenient.

Why to admire San Niccolò / Piazzale Michelangelo

San Niccolò is only a short walk away from major tourist attractions. The San Niccolò area is a picturesque labyrinth of cobbled lanes that runs along the hillside below Piazzale Michelangelo, one of the most famous views in Florence.

The following are some of the best attractions in San Niccolò:

  • Piazzale Michelangelo 

Here are some suggested high-end hotels in the area, and the rest of this page may help you decide:

Hotel Silla

Hotel Silla is away from the tourist crowds but at only 5 minutes walking distance from Ponte Vecchio, Uffizzi Gallery and the Cathedral. You can have breakfast in the private balcony or hve a refreshing drink at the minibar after a day of strolling around the historic center and shopping. 24-hour desk and pets are one of the dealbreakers of this place. Hotel Silla is an affordable place to stay in Florence.

Hotel David

Hotel David is a popular traditional hotel located on the far side of the district. It is just 5 minutes by bus to the center, making it a convenient option for travelers who want to explore the city. According to Hotel David, their hotel comes with a buffet breakfast and they are pet-friendly. Travelers with pets will surely love this hotel.

Santa Maria Novella (Train Station area) 

Here you’ll find Florence’s central train station, Santa Maria Novella. If you’re on a budget, going to the Santa Maria Novella train station in Florence’s historical city centre is an excellent choice. If you want to go on a multiple-day trip by bus or train from the city, stay near the station area of Florence. However, the train station’s immediate neighborhood is rather uninteresting and dreary. So, if history or historic charm is very important to you, you should think about staying in one of the other areas in the city center.

Near the Piazza di Santa Maria Novella, there are some great places to stay and enjoy the atmosphere. Piazza Santa Maria Novella is split into four quarters, and life in the quarter of Santa Maria Novella revolves around its central plaza. It is only a short walk to the railway station and the beautiful Mercato Centrale. Built over the San Lorenzo street market. This area can be a bit expensive. But, of course, the city’s attractions are easily accessible. It’ll take a little longer to get to the Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo, but it’s still a short walk away.

Why admire Santa Maria Novella:

It has wide, well-paved thoroughfares, which gives it a more clean and calming atmosphere. Fancy restaurants and rooftop bars are available and are close to all the sites of interest.

The following are some of the best attractions in the Santa Maria Novella district.

  • The Basilica of Santa Maria Novella
  • Fortezza da Basso
  • San Lorenzo Market

The area offers many luxurious hotels, and the following can be good options when choosing to stay in Florence

The Westin Excelsior

The Westin has several fantastic 5-star hotels located worldwide, and this one is no exception. The hotel gives you the opportunity to check out the shops along the Ponte Vecchio, have an espresso at a local café, and enjoy the best that Florence has to offer. At night, you can dine the rooftop restaurant with spectacular views of Florence.

Gallery Hotel Art

This hotel is Italy’s first design hotel. The 4-star Gallery Hotel Art is part of the Lungarno Collection, run by the Salvatore Ferragamo family. They own a few hotels in Florence, including the Portrait Firenze and Hotel Lungarno above. This hotel also offers a discount in their ‘Best deal programme’ which can be availed if you book from their website and meet their terms and conditions. Travelers on a budget might want to check this place out.


If you are planning to stay in Florence and want tranquil lodging but don’t want to travel far, Fiesole is the place to go. With simple access to all of Florence’s attractions, Fiesole offers the peace and charm of a small Tuscan town while only 30 minutes by bus from the city center. Here are some of the most beautiful panoramic views of Florence and the surrounding countryside. There’s also a Roman amphitheater on site.

Fiesole has been the country retreat of wealthy Florentines, including the Medicis for hundreds of years. The wide range of holiday rentals includes large houses, apartments, and farm stays. The magnificent five-star Belmond hotel is also here. Many offer swimming pools where you may relax after exploring the scorching Tuscan sun.

If you’re looking for a way to see the towns of Tuscany by car, Fiesole is an excellent place to start since parking is much easier than in Florence. Or, if you’d rather stay in Tuscany and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we have some great recommendations for you.

Why admire Fiesole:

While Fiesole is only 30 minutes by bus from the city center, it offers the quiet and beauty of a small Tuscan village.

 The following are some of the best attractions in Fiesole:

  • Roman amphitheater

The following luxury hotels can be a good choice when you are planning your stay in Florence:

Belmond Villa San Michele

Opulent 5-star country hotel with sweeping views of Tuscany and Florence.

FH55 Hotel Villa Fiesole

The FH55 Hotel Villa Fiesole, a nineteenth-century villa, is enthralled in the Florentine hills’ greenery with 32 rooms. In the summer months, the pool is open to enjoy the show of sunset over the horizon of Tuscany or simply sunbathing and relaxing. Pets are allowed in the villas so you never have to worry about leaving your fur babies behind when traveling. It is also safe, with a concierge and 24-hour desk for your concerns. A true absolute value for money to make your stay in Florence unforgettable.

Camping Village Panoramico Fiesole

This 3-star hotel conveniently located at the hilltop offers panoramic views. It has a free shuttle that will take you to the bus stop in Florence. Amenities to consider in this place are public wifi, a nearby convenience store, and an outdoor dining area.

San Marco

San Marco is a varied residential community located only minutes from the city center. Art and ancient monuments, as well as contemporary museums and creative restaurants, are available here.

Although San Marco is known for its art, there’s plenty to do. It’s also a significant tourist attraction, with many budget accommodations available. In addition, it attracts a lot of backpackers and students, creating an entertaining and colorful atmosphere.

Why admire San Marco:

There are various amenities for all tastes, including art and historical monuments as well as contemporary museums and innovative restaurants. With many budget lodging options available, it’s the ideal spot to stay in Florence if you’re on a tight budget.

Piccolo Hotel

This well-maintained hotel is on the lovely Piazza San Marco in Florence. All the rooms at this wonderfully restored budget hotel include en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, and wifi throughout. In addition, a complimentary breakfast is provided in addition to the room charge, making it very convenient for visitors who want to save money.

The Loggia Fiorentina

It is a luxury hotel in the heart of Florence. It’s located near the city’s main attractions and has restaurants, bars, and museums within walking distance. The spacious rooms come with private bathrooms, a workspace, and wifi. Onsite, there is a beautiful bar and complimentary breakfast each morning, which will make your stay in Florence delighted.

Tips to Make Your Stay In Florence, Italy Even Better

  • Stay in the Historical Center– It’s less expensive to stay outside the historic center, just like in most cities. However, getting into and out of the city center is a nuisance. Make reservations at a hotel in the historic core so you can walk all over – it’s a tiny area.

Book in Advance – Book your accommodation as soon as you know your dates to stay in Florence. Booking in advance gives you the best deals in the hotel you want to stay in. Take note that in the spring, summer, and fall, Florence becomes packed.

Interesting Read: Visiting Italy In The Fall – Pros and Cons

  • Carefully Choose Dates – Avoid weekends when Italians and other Europeans descend on the city. The busy times in Florence include The Easter holiday and a few days before and after when many Italians take a vacation. On June 24th, the Festa di San Giovanni a festival dedicated to Florence’s patron saint. September 7th is the Rificolona Paper Lantern Festival, which attracts many visitors and shuts down streets. In November, the largest after Rome, the San Ferdinando Marathon draws spectators and closes roads in Florence, Italy. Discover everything you need to know about where to stay, how to get to various parts of Italy or what to see.
  • Dates Format– Remember that in Europe, the date is in this format DD/MM/YY (for example, 10/05/23 is not 05/10/23). Pay close attention, especially if you’re reserving by email – you don’t want to book a different date!
  • A/C in the Summer –While air conditioning is not a given in Florence, the summers are hot and humid. As a result, request A/C or at least ensure that your room has screens on the windows – the mosquitoes in Florence are particularly noxious!
  • Noise Sensitivities – Florence is busy during the day but even louder at night. Keep this in mind if you’re a light sleeper. To avoid being disturbed, consider moving to a quieter area or investing in earplugs.
  • Breakfast ­– Traditional Italian breakfasts aren’t substantial. Italians enjoy a sweet pastry and coffee most of the time. Hotels in Italy that cater to North American preferences will offer egg, bacon, and other items, albeit seldom. When it comes to importance, if breakfast is essential to you, you’ll almost certainly need to stay at a luxury hotel. Otherwise, eat like a Florentine! Have a leisurely breakfast at the hotel or go out to a local café for an espresso and cornetto standing at the bar with the locals!
  • Terrace ­–If you’re able, book a hotel with a rooftop terrace. It’s an unforgettable experience to sit on the rooftop and gaze at Florence with a drink in hand.
  • Buy Travel Insurance –Verify that it contains your hotel reservations. During the epidemic, many hotels offered returns for those who booked early, but now most are not permitting last-minute COVID cancellations.
  • Reception –If you’re not a Florence/travel expert, book a hotel with reception. Having someone to assist you with inquiries, reservations, and helping in emergencies will be extremely useful.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself in Florence, take advantage of all the city has to offer. From world-renowned museums and churches to incredible food and wine, there’s something for everyone in this fantastic city. And don’t forget to wander the streets and alleyways – you never know what hidden gems you might discover. Florence is an incredible city with so much to see and do. So no matter where you stay in Florence, you will have an unforgettable experience. And afterward, consider staying in Parma or La Spezia to visit the Cinque Terre!