Where To Stay In Siena, Italy

Explore the charm of Siena, Italy, with its 17 unique districts and discover where to stay for an unforgettable Tuscan experience.Explore the charm of Siena, Italy, with its 17 unique districts and discover where to stay for an unforgettable Tuscan experience.
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Last Updated March 21, 2024

In this article, you'll learn how:

  • Siena, Italy, is a charming medieval town with 17 districts, each named after an animal or symbol, making it a great place to stay in Tuscany.
  • The best areas to stay in Siena include Piazza del Campo for its central location, Aquila for the Duomo and walkability, Giraffa for history and dining options, Torre for proximity to attractions, and Vico Alto for budget-conscious travelers with a vehicle.
  • Some of the best hotels in Siena are Hotel Certosa di Maggiano, Sangallo Park Hotel, Residenza d’Epoca Palazzo Borghesi, Hotel Athena, Palazzo Ravizza, Hotel Santa Caterina, B&B Il Corso, and Casatorre dei Leoni Dimora Storica.

Visiting Siena and wondering where to stay? Siena is one of Tuscany’s most famous medieval towns and a great place to stay while exploring the region. It’s quieter and less crowded than Florence, with charming medieval buildings that make it a favorite among visitors. Siena has 17 districts, or Contrade in Italian, each named after an animal or symbol, and is visited by over 1 million tourists every year.

With its compact size and manageable roadways, any Siena accommodation you pick will be handy for seeing this UNESCO World Heritage site. Still, based on various budgets and itinerary types, we’ve compiled this list of the finest places to stay in Siena, Italy.

Highlights Of The Famous Places In Siena, Italy

Place to StayDescription
Piazza del CampoSiena’s main square, centrally located with various hotels, ideal for events like Carnival and Palio di Siena.
Contrada dell’AquilaNext to Piazza del Campo, home to the Duomo di Siena (Gothic cathedral), with many restaurants and attractions.
Contrada Della GiraffaLocated northeast of the center, featuring the Museum, Imperial Contrada of the Giraffa and over 100 restaurants.
Contrada Della TorreSoutheast of Il Campo, Siena’s former Jewish Quarter, with proximity to the heart of the city and key attractions.
Vico AltoLocated about eight kilometers northwest of Siena, suitable for low-cost lodging, but a vehicle is essential for transportation.

Piazza del Campo

Piazza del Campo is Siena’s main square, where much of the city’s activity occurs. As a result, this is the most fantastic location for visitors since it is centrally located and has a wide range of Siena hotels. 

The first records of Piazza del Campo are from 1169 when it was attached to the nearby Market Square. Piazza del Campo split off as its own separate area in 1193.

If you’re visiting Siena in February for Carnival or July and August for the Palio di Siena horse races. It is mandatory to reserve well ahead since these popular events bring many tourists to Siena. Il Campo’s streets have cafés, gelato shops, restaurants, and souvenir stores. If you’re touring the Tuscany region, Piazza del Campo is surely a place to see.


The Aquila Contrada, named after the eagle, is next to Campo. This is where you’ll discover the Duomo di Siena, a Gothic cathedral with black and white marble stripes inside and out, another popular tourist attraction in Siena.

Let’s talk a bit about its history. Aquila is one of only four noble contrade, a title granted by Charles V of the Habsburg dynasty as thanks for the warm welcome he received there in 1536. The contrada’s museum houses the oldest surviving Palio di Siena banner, also referred to as a palio (traditional horse race), dating back to 1719.

The Duomo also houses works by Donatello, Pisano, and Michelangelo. Although parking may be challenging in Aquila due to narrow streets, it is one of Siena’s most walkable neighborhoods. Aquila offers a variety of restaurants and activities, making it a great place to visit with the family.


The Giraffa is one of the city’s oldest Contrada. This area, northeast of the center, is a fantastic location to stay in Siena. The Museum, Imperial Contrada of the Giraffa, has a fascinating site to learn the history of the Palio, with each of the champions on display.

Other important sites in the territory include historic cathedrals, fortifications, and museums, just like Rome. Over 100 restaurants in the area make it an excellent choice for travelers who like to enjoy leisure.


Torre Contrada, or Tower, in the southeast of Il Campo. This tower stands 102 meters and is also Siena’s former Jewish Quarter, giving a different historical perspective than some of the city’s other areas.

The neighborhood was named after the Tower of Mangia, which stands over Piazza del Campo. The synagogue of Siena is located in this area.

The main appeal of staying in Torre is the proximity to Siena’s heart. Because the area leads straight into Piazza del Campo, all of Siena’s best attractions are easily accessible from any Torre accommodation you pick.

Vico Alto

Vico Alto is located about eight kilometers northwest of Siena. It’s an excellent option for finding low-cost lodging since it’s a little off the beaten path from Siena’s renowned attractions. There are few forms of public transportation between Vico Alto and Siena, so if you plan to stay here, you’ll need a vehicle.

If you are driving to Siena, this is a fantastic location to stay. Vico Alto has only a few hotels, restaurants, and enterprises, but they provide a considerably more suburban feel than staying in the heart of Siena. It’s a fantastic option for long-term stays or people looking for a more local, residential experience when renting an apartment or house.

Best Hotels To Stay In Siena, Italy

Hotel Certosa di Maggiano

At the jaw-droppingly luxurious Hotel Certosa Di Maggiano, surround yourself with slender Mediterranean cypress trees and rows of elegant grapevines. It’s a true escape from the Rat Race, complete with a sun-kissed swimming pool, manicured gardens, and even shaded cloisters, set approximately 15 minutes to drive from Sien.

The hotel’s cloisters, by the way, were originally a 14th-century monastic complex. You’ll discover a richly frescoed medieval church, an extensive library as you walk around, and rooms that have been remodeled from old monk quarters.

The on-site restaurant is also a favorite among the locals. It serves hearty Tuscan fine dining, including braised farm meats, bruschetta, broth-doused Tortelli, and even a dedicated sommelier to pair wines with each dish.

Sangallo Park Hotel

This Sangallo Park Hotel combines the benefits of a city break with those of a rural getaway. It’s an ideal base to explore Siena, which is only a 10-minute drive away (there is a local bus every day).

It also has a swimming pool and well-kept gardens, allowing visitors to relax in the beautiful Tuscan countryside for a day or two. It’s a superb location to bring the kids since there are plenty of areas to explore.

The Sangallo Park Hotel, on the top of a hill in Siena, provides spectacular views of the city and its surrounding valleys. The rooms are spacious and airy, with several featuring beautiful garden views. Another benefit is the price.

While it isn’t a cheap hotel, with rates ranging from $105 per night, you get great value for money compared to some of the more historic lodgings in the city.

Residenza d’Epoca Palazzo Borghesi 

Residenza d’Epoca Palazzo Borghesi is in Siena, a stone’s throw from the center. It is on the second floor of one of Siena’s most ancient structures, formerly home to the noble Borghesi family. Free WiFi and a communal lounge with a fireplace are available throughout.

These rooms have high ceilings, antique frescoes from the 1800s, and original floors. All rooms include air conditioning, a satellite flat-screen TV, a minibar, and a private bathroom. In addition, the hotel will provide slippers and complimentary L’Occitane toiletries to ensure your convenience.

An Italian breakfast is available for guests. 7 kilometers from the Siena Train Station, the Palazzo Borghesi Residence is a restored antique house.

Hotel Athena

The Hotel Athena‘s stunning location helps it attract visitors of all types. In an unforgettable setting, the hotel is visited by guests and non-guests alike for dinner.

The hotel’s prime position gives views of the city’s medieval core with its red-topped roofs and the rolling countryside of Tuscany that swirls in vineyards and fields. Believe us- You could dine at this spot every day for a week and not become weary of the view. However, if you change your mind and want to stay a little longer in Tuscany, feel free to check our recommendations.

Hotel Athena is a boutique hotel in Siena, Italy that offers beautiful rooms with a luxurious atmosphere and attentive service. It’s about a 10-minute walk to Siena Cathedral and the city center. The University of Siena campus is also just a short walk away.

Its proximity to a major thoroughfare and plentiful free parking has made it popular with guests who arrive by vehicle.

Oh, and the hotel also offers excursions around the surrounding wine-producing areas. This one is perfect for anyone looking to sample Chianti and Val d’Orcia’s rich reds and whites.

Palazzo Ravizza

The Palazzo Ravizza is a historic hotel in Siena, located between the Palazzo Pubblico and the University of Siena, two of the city’s most important sites. Since 1922, it has been welcoming guests, making it as much a part of Siena’s rich history.

The first guests in this 17th-century structure were writers, musicians, and artists. Nowadays, visitors can enjoy the hotel’s big, well-appointed rooms, classically designed interiors, and countryside atmosphere.

Palazzo Ravizza’s beautiful, relaxing garden is a particular favorite of ours. The perfect spot to take a break, read a book, or enjoy the views over Siena and the surrounding countryside. The exquisite drawing room, with its magnificent piano and fin de siècle furnishings, is also quite lovely. It’s enough to take you back in time.

Hotel Santa Caterina

Hotel Santa Caterina, located amid beautiful countryside with lovely views over the Tuscany region, has a peaceful atmosphere that seems to welcome you away from the bustle of Siena’s city center.

The hotel, on the other hand, offers a superb location. It is just 800 meters from the entrance to the old town and makes no concessions in terms of area. All major tourist sites are within a 10-minute walk, while several excellent restaurants, cafés, and shops are outside your door.

Hotel Santa Caterina is set in a centuries-old villa and offers a traditional Tuscan atmosphere. The friendly and attentive personnel, as well as the decorative style of the hotel, contribute to making it truly unique. There’s also a free lot on the menu (a rarity among hotels near the historic center).

B&B Il Corso

The B&B Il Corso is a modest, simple inn that’s highly available to people looking for the most diehard sightseers and history buffs visiting Siena.

The location is ideal: it’s on one of the main roads that wind up from the piazza to the Duomo, and within five minutes walk of the front door are churches and Banchi di Sopra, the home of Siena’s notorious Palio.

The rooms themselves are a refocused version of the average hotel room. Most are whitewashed and feature large, soft white bedsheets. There are, however, a few historical elements – exposed beams on the ceilings, here and there. After all, the hotel is present in a 16th-century structure!

The hotel guests will enjoy a daily Italian breakfast with coffee, pastries, biscuits, and fruit. There’s also a self-service coffee machine for unlimited access to your cups of joe throughout the day.

Casatorre dei Leoni Dimora Storica 

This hotel is the place to go for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Consider vast apartments with high, wooden-beamed ceilings, tiled floors, and four-poster beds while holidaying here. Casatorre Dei Leoni Dimora Storica effortlessly blends modern features with historical flourishes to create contemporary luxury with a distinctly Tuscan flavor.

Consider it the culinary equivalent of the hotel’s aesthetic excellence and a creative reimagining of classic Italian cuisine. This hotel is on the higher spectrum, with rooms starting at $185 per night.

In addition, make sure to check this you want to stay in Florence.

Final Words

In conclusion, the best way to explore Siena is to stay in the city’s center, around Piazza del Campo and the surrounding streets. It is the focal point of Siena – a vast square of tremendous historical importance- and is among the most beautiful in Europe.

However, as a reasonably small city, the location of your accommodation in Siena isn’t too important. Whether you stay in the thick of it all or outside the city walls, chances are you’ll be within walking distance of all the top attractions. Therefore, choose where to stay in Siena – no wrong decision!