The Best Places To Stay In Portofino, Italy

Written By: Andrea Spallanzani
Reviewed by: Rick Orford
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Last Updated March 11, 2024

Visiting Italy soon and searching for places to stay in Portofino? Portofino is a stylish and beautiful place. Pretty much like Venice, Rome, and Florence, but with a distinguishable feel. It’s popular with sailing enthusiasts because it’s stunning from the sea and has an excellent view of the Mediterranean.

The beauty of Portofino has led to a rapid succession of luxurious residential developments along the coast, but it has nonetheless retained plenty of charm.

The best views are from its waterfront, where old traditions and new faces (such as American bars) add to the inviting, vibrant atmosphere. Portofino is a gorgeous city to explore and has a lot to offer for a luxurious stay. 

This article enumerates the places in and around Portofino and the best hotels to make the stay worth remembering!

Significant Attractions In Portofino Italy

Most of Portofino’s charm is simply strolling around, relaxing on the beach, and enjoying the scenery.

For those seeking a change of pace from Italian Rivera perfection, the Castello Brown, a 16th-century castle, and Divo Martino, an 11th-century church, are two of the attractions in the area. It’s also worth taking a spin on one of the public boats if you didn’t bring your yacht this time.

Also, if you’re wondering how many days should you stay in Portofino, then 2 nights and 3 days should be enough. However, it still varies based on individual preferences regarding relaxation time. Some travelers choose to begin or conclude trips to Italy with a visit there for its easy environment

Don’t forget that this village is a major holiday destination, so if you want to secure a room in one of the finest lodgings in Portofino during peak summer months, don’t wait till the last minute!

SpotAttractionsAccommodationsTravel TipsBest Time to Visit
PortofinoCastello Brown, San Fruttuoso Abbey,Splendido Mare, A Belmond Hotel,Book accommodations in advance forJune to August
Portofino Regional Park, Portofino MarineHotel Piccolo Portofino, Eightpeak summer months. Enjoy(Pleasant temperatures)
Protected AreaHotel Portofinopicturesque walks along the coast.
Santa Margherita LigureCharming city, railway station, ferryWide range of hotels, hidden gems,Utilize railway station for easyYear-round
connectionsaffordable optionsaccess to Portofino.
CamogliCinque Terre-style town, big beach,Hotels, bed & breakfasts, villasTake a ferry for a scenic routeYear-round
ferry connectionsto Portofino.
RapalloMain town with city services, seaside5-star luxury hotels to hostelsExplore the seaside walkway andYear-round
walkway, stunning viewsstunning views.
Sestri Levante“City of the two bays,” youthful vibe, nightlifeHotels, bed & breakfasts, villasUse public transportation or aYear-round
private car for easy access.

San Fruttuoso Abbey

The monastery is high on a remote beach among pine and olive trees. It was constructed in the 11th century and is made of wood and stone. Today, it attracts over 35,000 visitors every year.

You can get there from Portofino by a 2-hour walk or by boat. Near the San Fruttuoso Abbey, deep in the water, there is a colossal bronze statue of Christ, the protector of scuba divers and sailors. Scuba diving in this location is one of the highlights of the area.

Castello Brown 

The 16th-century castle Castello Brown is a massive fortification in Portofino. It stands above the town of Portofino, and you can get to the castle via a footpath near the Botanic Garden.

You can see the Browns’ possessions and many renowned visitors to Portofino while touring the rooms.

It is now a museum and was formerly the home of Yeats Brown, the British Consult to Genoa, in 1870. The castle provides stunning views of Portofino. 

San Giorgio Church and Lighthouse

San Giorgio Church is a Romantique-styled yellow Catholic church built in 1154 and restored in the 19th century. It may be reached from Portofino’s harbor by foot. A picturesque walkway leads you to the lighthouse on Punta del Capo and San Giorgio Church.

Tourists can enjoy Portofino’s lovely vistas along this steep walkway. On this walking route, you can get a classic Portofino postcard view.

Portofino Regional Park

The Portofino Regional Park stretches 13 km or 8 miles along the coast from Camogli to Santa Margherita and is a protected area. One can arrive here via several hiking trails along the shore and interior route. Many of these pathways offer breathtaking views.

The park’s northern section is more of a forest, whereas its southern region contains more wildflowers and grasslands.

Portofino Marine Protected Area

Portofino Marine Protected Area is a natural preserve area that covers most of the coast along the eastern Ligurian coast. They have over 20 diving sites and may be arranged via local dive agencies in Portofino. Also, Swimming is a beautiful experience here.

The coastline has highly rugged and steep sections, so it is advisable to be careful when trekking!

Nearby Towns To Explore

Portofino Italy

Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Margherita Ligure is the nearest settlement to Portofino. It has a population of over 10,000 residents, and it is where the closest railway station and ferry connections are available. Santa Margherita Ligure is a small city, yet rather colorful and elegant.

Santa Margherita Ligure generally has a wide range of hotels and accommodations. There are plenty of hidden gems, more affordable options, and perhaps no sea view but very much pleasant alternatives to the “Italian Riviera style” hotels on the coast.


Camogli is a picturesque spot, a lovely “Cinque Terre-style” town with bright buildings and a big beach not far from Portofino. There is a railway station, but the quickest and most beautiful method to get to Portofino is by ferry via San Fruttuoso or a private boat. 

In this region, you’ll discover a wide range of lodgings, including hotels, bed & breakfasts, and even villas.


This is a good choice if you want to go to Portofino. This is the main town in the region, with services similar to a city’s, such as a motorway exit, a well-served passenger train station, numerous businesses, and a 24-hour supermarket.

The seaside walkway is attractive, with its castle, restaurants, and bars, as well as stunning views of the Portofino headland.

Accommodations in Rapallo vary from 5-star luxury hotels to hostels, so finding the perfect solution here is easy as it’s just a matter of personal taste. 

Sestri Levante

It is known as “the city of the two bays.” Sestri Levante is between Portofino and Cinque Terre, so it’s a good option if you want to see both.

Because parking in Portofino and Cinque Terre might be difficult during peak periods, we recommend utilizing public transportation, a cruise, or a private car. It will only take around thirty minutes to go either way.

The vibrant, compact metropolis has a youthful feel and is well-known for its nightlife in the region.

Luxurious Hotels In Portofino

Splendido Mare, A Belmond Hotel, Portofino

It is a luxurious Italian hotel on a stunning hillside with fantastic views. It is popular with couples, especially those who just married in Italy. Splendido, a Belmond Hotel, in Portofino, overlooks the water or the garden and offers rooms with panoramic vistas of either the sea or the park. Set on a green hillside overlooking Portofino’s yachts. There’s also an outdoor pool and a fitness center with a sauna and spa for guests to enjoy.

All rooms come with WiFi and a satellite flat-screen TV. The three restaurants provide traditional Ligurian cuisine. At the Hotel, a typical American breakfast is served daily.

The hotel can arrange transportation to Genoa Airport, Rapallo Railway Station, and Santa Margherita Railway Station on request.

Hotel Piccolo Portofino

Piccolo Portofino is a lovely, intimate hotel in Portofino, Italy. The décor has been updated to offer the city’s most beautiful designer rooms. The hotel has a private rocky beach with a bar on the beachfront of Portofino overlooking the sea.

Its rooms are temperature-controlled and feature a modern minimalist style. They include satellite television and pay-per-view services. Some rooms have sea views as well.

On the terraces with views of the sea, guests may unwind. The hotel offers free WiFi, and knowledgeable staff can provide tourist information.

Set on a hillside 400 meters from Portofino’s town center. In the neighborhood, there are several restaurants, pubs, and boutiques.

Eight Hotel Portofino

It’s a beautiful spot and among the luxury hotels in Portofino. An exquisite house with a peaceful environment. Amazing interior design. Between the mountains and Portofino Harbour, Eight Hotel Portofino features an outdoor hot tub in a tranquil setting.

It is 200 meters from Portofino’s main square and Piazzetta Promenade, both popular gathering places. 

The charming rooms have contemporary furnishings painted in warm hues with wooden floors. Rooms are air-conditioned and feature a plasma television. The sun deck includes lounges and swings and is available for visitors’ use.

The hotel has a spa, Turkish bath, and a variety of massages. The Santa Margherita Ligure Train Station is 10 minutes away by car.

The hotel offers a shuttle to Baia di Paraggi beach, which is 1.5 kilometers away. This beach has additional access fees and free private parking but with a limited capacity and availability on the day of arrival.

Portofino Travel Information

  • The closest major airport to Portofino is Genoa’s Christopher Columbus Airport, which is 35.8 kilometers away. Other nearby airports include Nice, France (Aeroport Nice Cote D’Azur) and Milan, Italy (Milan Linate), with trips taking longer but quite stunning.
  • The best time to go is during the summer when temperatures are pleasant. Portofino has a moderate climate all year, but June through August is the most enjoyable, with temperatures around 29°C.

Final Words

Portofino is one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations, and for a good reason. The small village is in a picturesque setting, with a beautiful harbor and a long stretch of beach. While accommodations in Portofino can be pricey because of luxury hotels, there are ways to save money without sacrificing quality.

Many of the finest hotels offer discounts for booking early. With some planning, it is possible to enjoy all that Portofino offers. So, if you’re dreaming of a summer getaway to this charming seaside town, start planning now, and you can enjoy all that Portofino offers.